9 good habits make you slim for a lifetime


9 good habits make you slim for a lifetime

As long as you develop this simple 9 daily habits, you can easily have a slim figure, and it is a lifetime of things, hurry and have a look.


Sleeping beautifully According to a study by the Howard Institute of Medicine at Stanford University, the less sleep, the less leptin the body secretes.

What does it have to do with weight loss?

Leptin helps to lose weight in two ways: First, it will stop you from eating, it will send a signal to your stomach: Hey, already full, don’t eat anymore!

The second is that it will encourage you to exercise and consume the energy of the body.

More and more studies have found that lack of sleep affects weight loss.

Another hormone that stimulates your appetite (the secretion of this hormone is affected by your sleep time in the last 24 hours) will rush out when you lack sleep.


Relax, relax If you don’t manage your emotions, it’s easy to gain weight.


For example, angry, the body’s cortisol (a type of stress hormone) secretion will increase, it will cause obesity.

In addition, the study also found that the more angry you are, the more often you get angry, the easier you are to gain weight 鈥?and the fat is the easiest to grow on your waist!

So, the next time you are popular, do 10 deep breaths and ask yourself: Is this a big deal?

There is another way: close your eyes, gently press your thumb with your temples, massage slowly, and throw unpleasant things to the side.


It’s common to use music restaurant owners to let customers eat a lot of fast foods: playing fast-paced music (about 120 to 130 beats per minute).

In this way, the faster the music, the faster you will eat and the more you eat.

So, before each meal, you have to turn off the music or put on a slow, lyrical music.


Don’t “escape” meals, eat healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can’t move to “escape” a meal.

Don’t eat a meal, when you are hungry, you will probably grab whatever you eat at your finger.

Physiologically, because your blood sugar plummets, you will feel extremely dry, and then you feel that eating more is a natural compensation.

Coupled with your “escape” meal, your body will mistakenly believe that the future supply of nutrients will be insufficient, thus reducing the speed of metabolism.

The slower your metabolism, the harder it is to lose weight.


There is a statistic in sports penetration life: every person spends the expected time each day, and for every hour of increase, obesity may increase by 6 percent.

Similarly, each person walks 1 miles (1609 meters) per day, and the chance of excess is reduced by 8 percent.

How can I have time to take a walk after work is not late?

When you look at the phone, you can walk around the phone and go around; when you watch TV, you can leave the sofa in the gap between the ads and move a little.

Of course, it is best to do stride and squat.

Go to the shopping plaza and remember to lose weight: don’t take the elevator and the escalator.


Sunlight also helps to lose weight. The body needs some sunshine to produce a complex amine that gives you a pleasant feeling. It also resists your desire for sweets.

So, when you want to eat candy, go to the top to breathe and let the sun shine.

In the daytime, opening the curtains and louvers is also a good idea to get in touch with the sun.


The knowledge of storing snacks puts candy on the table and can easily cause a desire to eat.
Therefore, putting the candy in an opaque container or far away will make you forget to eat it.

It takes 20 minutes to send a signal to tell the brain that it is full.

So when you eat too fast, your brain won’t react so quickly.

Conclusion: You may have eaten too much when you are full.

Use chopsticks to adjust the speed of the meal slightly, because the chopsticks won’t clip too much at a time.


The darker the dining room illuminates the dining room, the more you will eat.


Because the weaker light makes you more relaxed and reduces your consciousness.

Another study found that the brighter the dining room, the less you suspected to eat.

So, consider adjusting the lighting in your dining room.