Going to work smiling like a flower and coming home frosty

Going to work smiling like a flower and coming home frosty

After hearing the doctor’s narrative, the reporter came to the headquarters of a well-known international beauty agency serviced by Gong Shuyi.

As the store manager of this company, Gong Shuyi generously received the reporter.

A smile hung all over her, kind and sincere.

  Gong Shuyi’s colleagues, secretary and even supervisors were impressed by her cheerfulness, liveliness and enthusiasm.

When referring to Gong Shuyi, everyone’s first sentence was, “She loves to laugh.

However, Gong Shuyi’s husband, Bai Qing, said that his wife had not laughed happily at him for at least 5 years.

Usually, he not only faces the person coldly, but also confronts him with evil words.

  Bai Qing is a university teacher and has been married to Gong Shuyi for 7 years.

He told reporters that when he was just married, his wife was indeed cheerful and enthusiastic.

At that time, she had just worked shortly before, doing financial work in government departments.

Since leaving the company to that foreign company, Gong Shuyi’s work has been busy, and her salary has naturally increased, but the words of the two are less, and Gong Shuyi has become more and more irritable at home.

  ”If you ask three questions, you only answer one sentence.” Gong Shuyi also ignored Bai Qing’s parents.

After returning home, in addition to eating and bathing, the door was closed, and a person was bored in the room reading a book and playing computer.

However, once Bai Qing’s students or classmates and friends came to visit her at home, Gong Shuyi quickly became a good wife and mother with a smile on her face. If she was tired, she would cook in person and talk to everyone, so that every guest could feel the hostess’sWarm and thoughtful.

  On the recommendation of an old psychology student, Bai Qing assigned the last line of hope to pull Gong Shuyi into the hospital.

  Psychologist Wu Mingqiang (pseudonym) has long been engaged in the treatment of psychological relaxation and decompression.

“Many celebrities come to me to decompress and provide psychological guidance.

This is why Wu Mingqiang declined to be named.

He said that the disease is actually an imported disease called smile depression.

When studying abroad before, he only saw such patients in the mentor, “I didn’t expect this to happen in Shanghai.

Wu Mingqiang said that “double-faced beauties” like Gong Shuyi are patients with “smile and depression”.

On the surface, depression and smile seem irrelevant.

However, in fact, a small number of depression patients feel very depressed and sad deep in their hearts, but they seem to have nothing to do on the outside, with a smile on their face, which is medically called “smile and depression”, especially the professional smile in the service industry.

Li Chunbo, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Tongji Hospital, told reporters that in many cases, this smile of patients is not a true feeling from the bottom of their hearts, or even “the need for work”, “the need for face”, “the etiquette”The need for dignity and responsibility.”

Smiling depression is common among those white-collar women with higher education and career status, especially senior management and administrative staff.