The dirtiest parts of the human body

The dirtiest parts of the human body

The sanitary dead ends at home should be cleaned frequently, and the sanitary dead ends of the body cannot fall.

The United States “Prevention” magazine article pointed out that the human body has four places the dirtiest.

  1. The scalp research found that there are about 1 million microorganisms per square centimeter of the scalp, the most of which is hair follicle lipid tuberculosis. They like to place their homes in the epidermal layer of the scalp and combine them in groups.A “big family”, working together to make a living by sucking the secretion of the skin’s lipid glands, eventually leads to hair loss.

If you want to fight against them, in addition to washing your hair frequently, it is best to comb your hair morning and evening with a comb. This will stimulate the scalp and let it ventilate.

  2. Oral cavity Oral cavity is a must for food, but do you know that there are more than 100 million microorganisms per square centimeter in our mouth, among them there are good bacteria groups and there are quite a few bad microorganisms.The culprit.

They are parasitic between teeth and on the tongue, and break down food residues and saliva while producing unpleasant sulfur compounds.

Keep your mouth clean and hygienic, brush your teeth carefully in the morning and evening. Remember to use dental floss to clean your teeth before you brush your teeth. After brushing your teeth, clean your tongue again. The bacteria on the tongue will also damage your breath.

  3. The child on your arm is in a crowded bus or subway. You may have experienced the unbearable smell more than once!

It emanates from under the arm, polluting the surrounding air recklessly.

Microbes hidden in the armpits are as high as 10 billion to 100 billion per square centimeter.

Sweat itself has no peculiar smell. It is a “frequent visitor” in the armpits-the coryneform bacteria are nourished by fatty acids secreted from the skin, which multiply and breed a large number of bacteria, which produces an unpleasant smell.

Armpit sweating is not a disease. As long as you take a regular bath, you can eliminate frequent changes of clothes. It is best to choose cotton clothes for underwear.

  4. Initially, there are more than 400 kinds of bacteria living in the interior.

Escherichia coli inside itself is a good tenant in the human inn, it helps us digest, and it is also an integral part of our defense system.

But Escherichia coli beyond level 1 can cause disease. If it “slides” into food, it can cause nausea, discard vomiting and diarrhea.

To protect the intermediates, it is recommended to drink 1-2 bottles of yogurt every day. The probiotics can inhibit the bad bacteria from triggering hegemony and help the good bacteria to obtain the right to prevent interactions.

In addition, adhere to moderate exercise, often do push-ups, rubbing the abdomen, etc., can prevent interventional aging.