Killed the feet!

The 6 most hurt feet in summer

Killed the feet!
The 6 most hurt feet in summer

It’s hot in the summer, almost unbearable, and my feet can’t keep it hot.

As a result, all kinds of cool and popular shoes have become the object of people’s pursuit.

But do you know what shoes hurt your feet in summer?

TCM Health Warning: Don’t wear the 6 most injured shoes in summer.

  1. Flip-flops-The ugly feet are getting uglier. The most common in summer is a variety of colorful flip-flops.

But flip-flops are harmful to human health.

Because the person wearing the shoes is supported by the weight of the front of the foot when walking, the toes naturally clamp the shoes during the walking and slowly curl into a claw shape.

  At the same time, because the body’s center of gravity is tilted to the forefoot, the arch joint is overstressed, which can cause pain and inflammation in the feet, and in severe cases, thumb valgus is formed.

In addition, in order to balance the forward leaning body when wearing a slipper, the waist naturally leans back. Over time, the spine is damaged.

  2, 10cm + high heels-the center of gravity shift, spine failure is undeniable, high heels are more beautiful, and the more detailed the more charming.

But as long as you wear high heels over 5cm, the human body will not adapt.

Because the heel is lifted up, the center of gravity will fall on the forefoot, and the stability of the insertion joint will be deteriorated, and there is a danger of twisting the foot.

  This will also affect the knee joint. Because the center of gravity falls in front of it, it is easy to have close-ups of the back, that is, excessive straightening. This condition will accelerate joint wear and gradually degenerate, causing pain and even being unable to lower.stairs.

In addition, the pelvis will lean forward, causing the buttocks to tilt upwards, the lumbar vertebra to bend forward excessively, accelerating the compression of the lumbar vertebrae and the change in the length of the back muscles, the lower back muscles to relax, and back pain.

  3. Hole shoes-Basically, the hole shoes are plastic shoes, but because of the structure and material of the hole shoes, water is easy to accumulate, and the water is not easily absorbed and volatile by the shoes. The hole on the shoes is onlyCan help the foot surface to breathe, and the soles that need ventilation and dryness are the most unprotected.

In summer, the human foot is easy to sweat. Through the evaporation of sweat, the hole shoes will stick to the foot surface. Frequent wear will cause the feet to deform and warm, and provide a hotbed for them, which may cause skin diseases such as athlete’s foot.

  In addition, although hole shoes are not afraid of water, they are easy to slip on in rainy days, especially those cheap products. The soles are easy to wear, and the slip resistance is poor.

  4, leggings high-heeled sandals-“strangling” feet Summer is here, many women have begun to buy long dresses, but what shoes should be worn with the long dress?

Are strappy sandals elegant enough?

But strappy sandals are indeed the most dazzling shoe.

When you think about tying the strap, in order to prevent the strap from being subdivided, it is likely to become tightly tied with the calf, and the blood flow is not smooth during the process.

As a result, pull the calf out at both ends and you will know why.

  5. Pointed-toe leather shoes-the retro style of “torture” on the toes is here again!

Long skirts, pointed leather shoes, rivets . are all constant fashion.

Pointed leather shoes have a sculpting effect on the toes, so that the toe ends are brought together and it is easy to form a thumb valgus.

The toe area is small, and air circulation is difficult, which can easily cause the growth of bacteria.

  Pointed-toe leather shoes can cause pressure on the front half of the foot, which can easily lead to poor blood flow. In the long run, it is difficult for the blood to supply nutrients, metabolism and oxygen to the tip of the foot, which can easily cause deformity of the foot.

Pointed-toe leather shoes are hard and thin at the front end, and the toes are severely squeezed, which easily induces nail inlays and corns.

  6, ultra-thin flat shoes-the pressure on the soles of the feet “It is unhealthy to wear high heels, so choose flat shoes.

“Many people think that they can wear shoes to be healthy, but they are really wrong.

The shoes should not be too tall or too shallow.

When a person walks, the impact of the heel on the ground can be inserted into the leg bones, spine, and directly to the head.

  When the heel is too low, when the foot hits the ground, the weight of the whole body exceeds 60% of the weight on the heel. If you walk too much, the uploaded momentum will cause pain in the feet, knees, knees, and waist.

Wearing flat shoes for a long time will accelerate the degradation of the plantar ligaments and bone tissue, causing heel pain.