Ten performances of men falling in love

Ten performances of men falling in love

The anomalous things caused by the “guy” who are dazzled by love are really scary.

There are generally the following symptoms.

  1.Call you for no reason.

When you are still at work, or at home, or at any time, he called, but he didn’t have anything special, just wanted to say a few words to you.

If he was in the office at this time, you might hear the ringing of other phones on his end, but he turned a deaf ear and continued to finish what he was anxious to say to you.

He couldn’t help telling everything about him (mostly the side that was eye-catching).

Can’t help but mention you in front of his buddies.

In front of you, he seems to be very talkative, telling you a lot about him and his family, such as his hobbies, his birth year, whether his parents have any quirks, etc. The purpose is to get you closerHe, close the distance between you.

As long as I think of you, he has an indescribable fascination, and this feeling must be spit in front of his brothers.

Women like to show off their fashions to their peers, while men like to boast about his beloved women to his friends.

  3.Extremely friendly to your friends.

If you ask him to help one of your friends, he will suddenly work harder.

The reason is simple, he wants to make you happy and let your friends praise him.

  4.He pays attention to your every move.

When talking to you, he will look intently at your eyes and lips.

When eating out together, he would not look carefully at the beautiful girls who came in and out.

Sometimes, his eyes looked into the distance, and that was just sorting out his thoughts.

  5.He was punctual when dating.

That is to say, he will not come too early, and dare not be late.

In order to prepare for a date, he will do a lot of preparation and grooming, this is not a woman’s patent.

He also wants him to be sexy, charming and impeccable in your eyes.

Late things must never happen, everything is well thought out.

  6.He will not laugh at your interest.

He will respect your various interests, including your shopping hobby.

The so-called “man is the most annoying to accompany a woman shopping” that you usually hear are all the remarks of a married man. For him who is in a state of infatuation, he is very satisfied with the opportunity to be with you.

  7.He doesn’t mention the romance of the past.

Even if you force him to confess, he just downplayed some words that sounded irony, such as “I can’t get along with that person at all, and I’m always dead with her” or something.

If he is telling you a rather regretful and sad love story, then you have to pay attention.

  8.After having sex with you, his conversation continues unabated.

He wants to know how you feel just now.

Because he cares about you.

After sex, if he doesn’t even keep you to stay with him for half an hour, 20 minutes, this posture does not need any explanation, the only thing you can do is never approach him again.

  9.He agreed to meet again at a consistent time.

This is because he can’t wait to see you again.

If a man just wants to perfuse the woman in front of him, he usually says, “Maybe we will meet again next weekend. Tomorrow or Tuesday, Wednesday, we will call again.

“In the end, most of the women waited to say that he had no excuse for smoking on weekends.

  10.He may tell you.
He will ask you to be his wife directly or pretending to be joking.
If you’ve dated more than 10 times and he still hasn’t said anything, then you don’t have to treat him as your only husband.