Autumn and winter skin kicked dry


Autumn and winter skin kicked dry

The key points of skin care for autumn and winter are: 1.

First restore skin from the sun.


Use skin care products with whitening, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects. Applying fruits such as bananas and strawberries to your face is a good choice.


Excellent massage for face and promote metabolism.

  The overall winter of the skin has the following major symptoms: the skin surface is easy to dry, lacks elasticity, and the color is dull and dry; some people’s skin will become rough and peeling; cold wind blows, causing pain and pain.

These are mainly reflected in the facial skin.

And full winter means that at least the face has winter reactions and feelings, and hands, feet, and every skin on the body will be dry.

  We advocate comprehensive care, especially in today’s era of extremely rich material, and women treat themselves well.

The important couples show emotional faces, eyes, and your hands and feet also need your care.

  1 Persist in whitening and sun protection in autumn and winter. The stratum corneum of the skin tends to thicken in winter. Note that if you give up whitening and sun protection in winter, it will only bring an unthinkable consequence-the protection of the hard summer is “destroyed once.”

Olay skincare experts point out that winter skin is more likely to be tanned than summer, and freckles are also more likely to increase, making the skin rougher and thicker.

In addition, because the concentration of the ionic layer is thinner in the winter than in the summer, the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the ionic layer is less than in the summer.

  24 hours non-stop moisturizing the north wind, the skin is easy to dry in winter, everyone feels dry and discomfort.

This is another essential course of winter skin care-moisturizing, and it is 24 hours of continuous moisturizing.

  Wash your face and stick to your skin.

Stir with the same amount of eggs and honey, add very fine rice flour to make them into a paste, and rub your face 2-3 times a day. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes. It can effectively keep the skin shiny and soft.Slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

  Do not take too much water in the bath.

In order to avoid washing away excessive oil and significantly drying, then use a moisturizing body wash to clean the body. After the bath, apply a dense body skin cream while the skin is slightly wet and full.

Regularly going to beauty salons for essential oil massage skin beauty is an effective way to replenish the skin with moisture and oil.

  For the whole body, you should eat more autumn and winter moisturizing foods in three meals a day.

With vitamin C intake, nourish the skin from the inside out.

At the same time, it is necessary to replenish the required moisture and oil to the dry skin every day, and use a moisturizing mask to apply it every two or three days.

  2 Mo special care for making hands and feet rough and dull and rough hands: If your hands are rough and dry, it is recommended that you apply lukewarm olive oil or germ oil to your hands and nails, wear cotton gloves for 15 minutes, and remove glovesAfter that, massage your hands gently to make your hands plump and soft.

  Care when peeling hands: For hands with peeling and streaks, you can use more nourishing hand care products.

For example, mix honey, egg yolk or shredded almond paste, milk powder, cover your hands and insert massage.

Be careful not to ignore your nails and wrists. Rinse well after ten minutes, and then wrap it in a warm towel for ten minutes. You will find that your hands are white and tender.

  Simple foot care: Before bathing every day, use the body deep cleansing cream or soft brush to thoroughly massage the toes, foot seams, heels and other parts, brush clean, and remove the accumulated cuticles to avoid dirt.

After bath, apply lotion or leg cream to help soften your feet’s skin.

  □ Practical Handbook Use less alcohol-based lotion. One reminder: Wash your face less.

Miss Li Xue, a senior beautician at the Rosemary Beauty Salon, pointed out that in the autumn and winter seasons, skin of various natures should “reduce the number of face washings” to prevent excessive loss of oil from the skin and make the skin drier.

For dry skin, you can wash your face with the cleanser only once a day, 1-2 times for combination skin and 2 times for oily skin, but not more than 3 times.

  Five basic points: 1.

Use less alcohol-based cosmetics: such as toners or astringents.

Because alcohol easily volatilizes the skin’s moisture and oil, you should use a supplemental toner instead.


Use less degreasing cleansers: especially for dry skin.Apply a mild cleanser or greasy soap.


Use less hot water to wash your face: hot water has a strong degreasing power. Wash your face with hot water to wash away skin oil. Water is easy to lose, and the skin is more dry and itchy.


Do not adjust the heating temperature too high: When using heating to increase the indoor temperature, the relative humidity in the room will drop, and the skin will easily lose moisture.


Start drying again after bathing: instead of drying your face and body with a towel after bathing.

Take a shower in cold weather, and everyone will quickly dry themselves and get dressed as soon as they leave the warm water.

However, to prevent skin dryness and itching, apply moisturizing oil and lotion when the body is half dry to retain moisture.