[How to make ribs and peanut soup]_ ribs and peanut soup _ how to do _ how to do

[How to make ribs and peanut soup]_ ribs and peanut soup _ how to do _ how to do

Pork Rib Peanut Soup can be said to be a common and delicious food on a home-cooked table, and its nutritional and health care value is relatively high. It can help us to nourish blood, nourish yin, moisturize and dryness, and can strengthen the body’s immunity.Introduction to the use and practice of ingredients.

1. Recipe ingredients: pork ribs, peanuts, red dates (3-5), wolfberry (3-5), ginger (two) 1.
Soak the peanuts in cold water for an hour.

(Spare) 2.
Wash the pork ribs and simmer them with water.

This procedure is to boil out the dirt in the bone pores.

Add cold water to the pot first, and then add pork ribs. The water should just cover the ribs.

Don’t heat the water, put spare ribs!

Because the protein suddenly solidifies when it is heated, the pork ribs are not delicious. Turn off the fire and remove the bones two or three minutes after boiling. Do n’t use the soup. If you are careful, you will find that the top of the soupThere is a layer of white foam, this is the garbage inside the meat and bones, and it is definitely not nutritious. Please do n’t feel sorry!

Put cold water in the casserole again. This time, you need to fill the cold water once, because do not add cold water halfway, because the meat being heated will shrink when it is cold, the protein will not easily dissolve, and the soup will lose its umami.

Add ginger and wolfberry.

Remember to add a spoonful of vinegar, because the vinegar can fully dissolve the phosphorus and calcium in the bones and make the soup more delicious.

At the same time, don’t put salt too soon!

Because the salt content of the meat quickly ran out, accelerating the solidification of the protein, affecting the deliciousness of the soup.

4.The process of boiling soup is to boil over high heat, then switch to low heat, and boil slowly over low heat. When the ribs are almost cooked, add dates and peanuts in order.

If the soup is milky white, it proves that your soup is home!

Second, nutritional pork ribs: contains high-quality protein necessary for the human body, especially rich in calcium, which can maintain bone health, has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening, and nourishing blood.

Peanut: It is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients. It has the functions of enhancing memory, anti-aging, nourishing and regulating air, refreshing the spleen and stomach.

Jujube: Contains a variety of vitamins, often eats peace of mind, emollient color, is very good food therapy for women prone to anemia and iron deficiency.

Wolfberry: a good medicine for nourishing and nourishing and anti-aging, nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight, nourishing blood, and strengthening immunity.