Ginger with black tea the perfect weight loss food in winter_1

Ginger with black tea the perfect weight loss food in winter

Black tea is the best drink for cold, and women and black tea are the best pairing combination.

  This method is recommended for mm who will find it difficult to fast for a whole day.

Excretion will be strengthened as a result.

And can add brown sugar and honey in the tea, mm used to sweets is also easy to accept.

If you are used to it, you only drink ginger black tea for breakfast, and the weight loss effect is very obvious.

  Ginger black tea fasting schedule 1st day: morning: normal diet: same as above night: same as the first day preparation period can eat normally, but pay attention not to eat anything after dinner, quit sweets and snacks, you can drink honey water the next day: Morning: Carrot Ginger Black Tea (400ml) Middle: Same as the evening: Multigrain Porridge One day you will find that the belly is soft and the spirit is concentrated.

  Day 3: Early: Fasting, drink 2 cups of ginger black tea (400ml) In: Multi-grain porridge Late: Multi-grain porridge Day 4: Early: Ginger black tea: Normal diet late: Ibid. Ginger black tea production methodKnow that black tea and ginger have a warming effect.

Blended with ginger black tea is beneficial to enhance the body’s metabolic function and increase the slight burning rate.

Promote the excretion of waste previously hoarded by overeating.

After fasting, you can continue to lose weight.

  Ingredients: One bag of black tea, five peeled gingers, appropriate amount of honey. Method: Put the black tea bag with ginger in a cup, brew with water above 90 degrees, and add honey after a little warm.

The main points of fasting ginger black tea: If you feel a burning sensation in your stomach, consider reducing the amount of ginger to 2 to 6 cups a day.