Medication Diet

Medication Diet

Fang 1 stewed fungus pork: 15 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of knuckle, 15 grams of rock sugar, 100 grams of lean pork.

  Usage: Put the four flavors together in a casserole, add water and cook after serving.

Take 1 dose daily in 2 divided doses for 1 week.

  Efficacy: cooling blood to stop bleeding.

  Indications: Leakage, blood-heat type, menstrual blood from time to time, endless dripping, thick red color, hot and thirsty, dry stool, red tongue and less moss.

  Fang 2 ginger juice rice wine mussel broth composition: 3-5 ml of ginger juice, 20-30 ml of rice wine, 150-200 g of mussel meat.

  Usage: Wash the mussel meat, stir-fry with oil, add rice wine, ginger juice, and a certain amount of water and boil the mussel meat together. When the meat is cooked, add seasonings and season it.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Indications: Metrorrhagia, a type of virtual fever, heavy menstrual flow, thick red color, five upsets, night sweats.

  Note: Long-term consumption has great benefits for women who suffer from bleeding and menstruation, and who are weak.

  Fang 3 waist flower walnut soup composition: 2 pork loins, 30 grams of walnut meat.

  Usage: Wash pork loin slices and cook with walnuts for soup.

  Effect: Kidney Regulating Menstruation.

  Indications: Metrorrhagia, a type of kidney-yang deficiency, menstrual period, large or inexhaustible color, pale red, clear head, frightened head, tinnitus, deafness, and weak waist and knees.

  Fang 4 black chicken sticky rice porridge composition: 1 black hen, 100 g sticky rice.

  How to use: Remove the chicken’s hair and offal, cut into pieces, cook and rotten, then add glutinous rice and green onion, pepper, salted porridge, eat on an empty stomach.

Take 1 dose daily or every other day.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood and nourishing blood, stopping bleeding and regulating menstruation.

  Indications: Leakage, spleen deficiency type, cracking and dripping endlessly, pale blood and thin, weak constitution, lack of complexion, pale tongue and white fur.

  Note: 18 cases were reported with satisfactory results.

  Fang 5 sorghum frying composition: 2 sorghum roots (every other year).

  Usage: Wash it, pour it into a pot, and place it in simmered water.

Take 1 dose daily in 2 divided doses.

  Effect: Hemostasis and menstruation.

  Indications: bleeding, menstrual bleeding from time to time.

  Fang 6 stewed sugar wine pig skin: 150 grams of pig skin, 50 grams of rice wine.

  Usage: Cook pork skin with simmering heat until cooked, add appropriate amount of brown sugar with food.

1 dose daily.

Consecutive service for 2 weeks before and after menstruation.

  Indications: Bleeding, spleen deficiency and blood loss, from time to time, pale and thin, pale complexion, shortness of breath, and poor appetite.

  Composition of Fang 7 lotus room: Chen Lianpeng shell.

  Usage: Burn the charcoal of Chen Linpeng’s shell and grind it into fine powder, 6 grams per serving, send the hot wine down.

  Efficacy: convergence and hemostasis.

  Indications: Metrorrhagia, blood heat type, menstrual blood volume, thick red color, irritability and thirst, less yellow urine, red tongue, pulse count.

  Note: Burning charcoal refers to burning charcoal-like charcoal, but the properties of the object itself have not changed, which can enhance the hemostatic effect.

  Party 8 sunflower pollen composition: sunflower pedicle (without straps).

  Usage: Bake charcoal in a casserole, grind fine noodles, and sieve, 3 grams per serving, send off rice wine, 3 times a day.

  Effect: Hemostasis and menstruation.  Indications: Metrorrhagia, blood-heat type, menstrual blood is not constant, the volume is rushing or dripping, the color is bright red, thick, upset hot flashes.