Health winter melon dish


Health winter melon dish

Crispy stewed melon Ingredients: 150 grams of crispy meat accessories: 100 grams of melon, 80 grams of carrots, 80 grams of eggs, 40 grams of starch seasoning: 2 grams of salt, 4 grams of fresh soy sauce, 6 grams of cooking wine, 8 grams of chicken, ginger onion20 grams of juice production: 1, the fresh pork slices, such as the pot into the cooking wine, ginger onion juice, into the salted code to taste; eggs smashed, into the meat in the pot after the marinated, mix well, then add starch2, the oil pan is set on fire until the oil temperature is 40%, then the meat pieces wrapped in the starch egg liquid are scraped into pieces, and fried until golden brown is removed. 3. The melon peeled off is not used, and the carrots are sliced and used; 4The saucepan is set on the fire and the fresh soup is added. The main and auxiliary raw materials are added to the fire to boil, and the floating foam is turned into a slight fire and slowly stewed until the crispy meat is soft and seasoned.

Features: salty and fragrant, spleen and warm stomach.

Tip: Water should be added at one time.

If you need to add water in the middle of stewing, you can add some boiling fresh soup or hot water in an appropriate amount. Avoid adding cold water, because the cooked crispy meat will shrink when it is cold, and the protein is not easy to understand.

Big bowl of fried winter melon This is a hot dish in a hot shop in Hengyang, Hunan. This bowl of fried melon, a dish, like a braised pork, bite a bite, the juice is overflowing, soft and smooth, without the greasy feeling of braised pork.It is more fragrant than braised pork, and it is very enjoyable to eat.

Ingredients: 800 grams of melon ingredients: 1 scallion, 4 red peppers, 5 grams of minced garlic seasoning: 10 grams of lard, 3 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of salt, 150 grams of broth: 1:

The melon is peeled and washed, cut into four squares, and a chessboard knife is placed on the surface, and then cut into 5 cm-sized text blocks.


Red radish pepper cut into circles.

The chives are washed and cut into chopped green onions.


Add lard to the pan, heat to 60% heat on medium heat, add the melon block and fry until the surface is golden yellow, add red pepper rings, minced garlic, soy sauce, salt and broth, stir fry evenly and turn to low heat.Until the soup is dried.


Sprinkle with scallions before the pan, and put them in a large bowl of blue and white.

Amber melon main ingredient: winter melon adjustment accessories: white sugar production: 1, the pot into the white sugar and water, smashed into sugar water.

2, the bottom of the pot is padded with a bamboo scorpion, and the winter melon with the knife is placed on it and poured into the syrup.

3, reverse the plate.

4, the fire depends on 4 hours of melon, gradually into amber.

5, the fire is 8 hours, the melon is completely amber.

6, crystal clear amber winter melon.

Need to pay attention to the following points: 1, material selection: it is best to add twenty or thirty pounds of old winter melon in the north, southern winter melon is relatively tender, large water vapor, after alternating heating, it is easy to soft collapse, and even will be destroyed.

The main purpose of the melon change knife is to facilitate the taste. After 8-10 hours of heating, the deformation will eventually shrink.

2, the ratio of sugar juice: the ratio of white sugar to water is 1:2, that is, 1 scoop of sugar 2 scoops of water, taking a 20-pound melon as an example, peeling and tampering with the knife after leaving the net material about 15 kg, need 4Stuffed sugar, 8 kg of water, and finally can be made into vegetables 7.

5 two, the yield rate is about 1/20.

The traditional method of operation replaces rock sugar and white sugar. The ratio of the two is 11:1. Adding rock sugar can make the finished product brighter, but the heating is more difficult, and the sweetness of the dish is 鈥渟corpion鈥? so the section will stay long and will be rock sugar.Reduce it, just use white sugar.

3, do not see oil during the operation, otherwise the sucrose will become cloudy after the fire is boiled, unable to form a translucent amber.

4, extension: amber technology is suitable for foods with low starch content, such as lotus seeds, yam, sweet potato, potatoes and other starch impurities, can not be processed with amber technology.

Thousands of pages of eight treasures of winter melon Ingredients: winter melon half about eight pounds, eight treasures (winter melon, winter bamboo shoots, ham, shrimp, mushrooms, scallops, green beans, flower meat, according to the size of the winter melon) with the right amount.

Ingredients: 200 grams of net fish, 80 grams of fat pork, 12 cabbages, 12 quail eggs, 20 grams of dried mushrooms, 100 grams of fine shallots, 1 red hearted egg yolk, 6 small red peppers, 50 grams of ginger rice,The amount of raw powder.

Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper (according to the size of the winter melon and the number of eight treasures).

Production: 1, make a melon bowl, turn it on the baffle, cut into thin slices less than one millimeter with a knife, then buckle into the bowl, sprinkle with the right amount of salt for use.

2, after peeling the remaining melon, cut into a small fan-shaped piece of square, and use a carving knife to fix the shape, then remove half of the melon, then boiled in boiling water, spare.

3, the fish and fat pork washed clean and then smashed into meat, add salt, raw flour, MSG seasoning, and then the meat into the fan-shaped melon; then the shredded mushrooms with water, cut into silk, into a plum blossom pole,Cut the circle with the thin part of the small red pepper, and make the flower of the plum; use the fine onion after the water and the red heart salted egg yolk after steaming, and make the orchid on the meat of the other 6 fan-shaped melons.

4, steamed quail eggs, put 12 rabbits for use.

5, the eight treasures are processed and cut into diced, add ginger rice musk, fried well, seasoning, add 10 grams of pepper powder thick simmered into the melon “bowl”, sealed with plastic wrap, steamed on the steamer 60minute.

6, when the melon “bowl” is steamed to 56 minutes, put the prepared melon box and quail eggs in a steamer, steam for 4 minutes, and at the same time, take the pot again, pass the cabbage to the water, and then buckle the steamed melon.In the middle of the plate, put the melon box, the quail egg and the heart of the dish in the surrounding area, and then smear it on top.

Features: beautiful shape, crystal clear.

Lotus seed winter melon glutinous rice 鐓?water duck main ingredient: 1 duck (about 500 grams), 250 grams of lotus seeds, 250 grams of melon, 100 grams of glutinous rice.Ingredients: 10 grams of dried lotus leaves, 2 candied dates, 400 grams of lean meat, dried tangerine peel, pepper, ginger, 2000 grams of spring water.

Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of chicken powder, rice wine amount.

Production: 1, first cut the water duck cut pieces, melon cut in pieces, lean meat cut small pieces, dry lotus leaf cut small pieces, lotus seeds soaked washed, dried tangerine peel, pepper washed, ginger peeled for use; 2Boil the water in the pot. When the water is boiling, add the lean meat to wash the blood. The duck is fried and put the ginger onion for 2 minutes. Add the rice wine to boil the blood, and rinse it out for use. 3. Take a casserole.Add water duck, lean meat, melon, lotus leaf, add spring water, 2-3 hours later, transfer to chicken powder, salt.

Key: When the lotus seeds are soaked, they have to go to the heart, otherwise they will have a bitter taste.

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