Four steps simple yoga exercises for men muscles

Four steps simple yoga exercises for men muscles

Some people think that yoga is a special sport for women. In fact, men can also do this exercise.

The American Men’s Health website introduces four simple exercises that can improve flexibility and mobilize muscles that are not often used.

  Stand about 30 cm away from the wall and pierce the wall with your back.

Lean the top against it and bend down with the hips as the axis. When the abdominal muscles participate in this movement, the upper part can be slightly bent.

When your spine is fully stretched, slowly straighten your legs and your chest toward your thighs.

Stop for a while, take a deep breath, and relax your neck.

Hold this position for a minute, then slowly gradually get up.

  Lunge posture-contract quadriceps and put your hands on the bench with your back zero distance from the wall.

9 meters.

Tap the right leg backwards so that the soles of the feet touch the wall.

Keep this position for a while, then bend the alignment of your right leg toward the ground, and move your right foot so that your toes touch the wall.

Bend your left leg into a lunge until your right leg is aligned with the ground and move your shoulder forward.

Hold this position for a minute, essentially get up and do the same with the other leg.

  Dog-style lying on the wall-The tibia and thigh are separated with the hands, the width of the shoulders, and placed on a wooden board. Take a few steps back until the body is at right angles to the hips.

Tilt your fingers evenly, pressing your hands and wrists against the wall.

Relax your neck, but don’t drop your head.

Make the back of your neck level with your spine, and keep this position for two minutes.

  Twist the chair side-shrink back and forth, align your right leg close to the chair, and place your right foot on the chair.

Grab the right front bone with your left hand, tilt your right arm up in the air, and rotate your right to the right.

Taper the back and spread the top.

Keep this position, then relax and do the same in another direction.