Does the smell also help people gain weight?

Does the smell also help people gain weight?

Professor Dietrich Wabner, a chemist at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, believes that it is entirely possible that the scent has a fattening or weight loss effect.

People’s sense of smell is the acceleration of the reaction, and the fragrance can enter the brain in an instant.

The brain produces CART or dipeptide D in a short time.

  The reason why scent has a weight-loss effect is that the sense of smell is directly linked to the eating center in the brain. If you don’t eat food, only smelling the scent in the food will make people feel like I am full.

  Hamburg’s nutrition psychologist Westen Hofffeld explained the weight loss effect of the special scent diet. He said: Every time you smell the scent, you will think of losing weight, so you consciously eat less food.

So this is not the role of scent, or the use of the scent of food to cause weight loss makes people slim.

  The chefs are generally fatter (most of the thinner), and people joked that the chef is “greedy” to eat fat, which of course smashes the chef’s door.

In fact, the chef work very hard, all day in the smoke and fire roast, licking the fumes, often not interested in eating, bad appetite.

How can it be greedy?

The real reason for the chef to gain weight is “smell”, often smelling the food aroma of “mountain and sea”, the endocrine function is greatly enhanced, and the food that is eaten is digested and absorbed, which makes it easier to gain weight.

When the temperature rises, the chefs generally love life. Whether it is wild mushrooms, wild seafood, they are made into delicious food. After cooking through their hard work, I see everyone enjoying it happily.It is also a joy.
Therefore, “heart wide body fat” is the second reason why the chef is fat.

  It can be seen that thin people want to make themselves fatter and fatter. They need to do two things: first, love life, contentment, sleep well at night, heart is naturally fat; second, more than three meals beforeSmell can increase the appetite scent, do not think about those troublesome things, eat the food nutrition with “scientific” some, not partial eclipse, picky eaters.

As long as you do two things well, your body may teach you to get fatter and reach normal levels.

Practice has proved that the spices that can increase appetite are scented basil oil, sweet oregano oil, thyme oil, bay oil, arborvitae oil, lemon oil, nutmeg oil, ginger oil, onion oil, garlic oil, carvone, sapRenxiang brain, grass wormwood and so on.

Danish scientists have discovered that a protein in the brain of a mouse can affect appetite, giving the rat a feeling of fullness and reducing eating.

This protein may have a similar effect on the human body.

  Scientists say the protein called CART is produced by the brain, which interacts with hormones in the brain to create a feeling of satiety.

On the contrary, another substance called neuropeptide D produced by the brain produces a sense of aging.

They believe that these two substances compete with each other and play a role in regulating appetite and controlling body weight.

Since animal experiments are currently only carried out on rats, scientists still have reservations about whether CART can also control human appetite.

But they said that because the basic principles are the same, this possibility is great.

  The following smells of thin people can pay attention, and less.

  The unpleasant odors used abroad for weight loss include: various thiols, cresols, high concentrations of xylene nitrogen and pyraphenol, various amines, and the like.

These smells are often smelled, causing loss of appetite and weight loss.

It is said that in these trials, the food intake of the participating experimental staff can be reduced by 70%.

Spices used to control appetite include: artemisia oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, myrrh oil, phenylacetate, guaiacol, xylene, thiophenol, p-dichlorobenzene, camphor,Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.