5 major symptoms of spleen deficiency are urgent

5 major symptoms of spleen deficiency are urgent

The summer weather is hot, and many people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Do you think it may be heat stroke, but in fact it may be that our spleen is in trouble? When the spleen appears, our body will be severeHarm, so what are the symptoms of spleen deficiency?

Let ‘s take a look together!

  Symptom 1: There is a change in tongue coating.

  To understand whether the spleen is healthy or not, we can judge by observing our tongue coating. The change of the tongue is the external manifestation of the spleen.

The surface of a healthy tongue should be red and look moist.

There is a layer of tongue coating on the tongue surface, which is light and very clean.

If there are obvious tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, it means that there is a problem with body function.

  Different tongue coatings show different physical conditions. If the tongue coating is thick and white and looks slippery and moist, it means that there is cold in the body; if the tongue coating is rough or thick and yellow and greasy, it means that there is damp and hot in the body; if the tongue is redNo moss, it means that the body has been warmed to a certain extent.

At the same time, in the summer, people with a wet spleen often feel sticky in their mouths and have a dull, yellowish complexion.

  Symptom two: loss of appetite.

  In the summer, do you feel that you have no appetite for anything? Then you need to pay attention to whether the spleen is caused by spleen deficiency, because in the theory of Chinese medicine, the spleen is most likely to be damaged when moisture enters the body.

The main function of the spleen is digestion, absorption of various foods and fluids eaten into the body, conversion of these substances into nutrients that can be used by the human body, and provide new energy for human metabolism.

Most people experience decreased appetite and digestive function in hot and humid environments in summer.

However, some people do not suffer from appetite and have a chronic sense of transition. However, they feel full after eating, which is also a manifestation of strong stomach and weak spleen.

  Symptom 3: Early discomfort.

  When we get up in the morning, we will feel obvious discomfort, obviously sleep is more, but do not wake up, get up early in the morning, if you feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and brain swelling, it means that our spleen and stomach function is too weak.

Chinese medicine believes that when the temper is weak, the lung qi is first.

In other words, the functions of the spleen and lungs affect each other.

When the spleen is deficient to a certain degree, the lungs are inadequate, and shortness of breath is prone to occur, such as shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

  Symptom four: heavy moisture.

  Half of the spleen deficient people have relatively severe moisture, so if the humidity in our body is severe, we need to pay attention to whether the spleen is debilitating. People with heavy moisture may also noticeably gain weight in a short period of time. In severe cases, lower limb edema may occurproblem.

90% of obese people are weak.

Physical weakness is caused by the attenuation of the spleen and stomach function of the body.

Physical weakness can lead to slowed metabolism and weakened body vitality, which reduces the ability to consume nutrients. Nutrition cannot be consumed, so it accumulates in the body and forms obesity.

  Symptom five: The toilet is abnormal.

  If we usually have abnormal stool when we go to the toilet, it may also be caused by spleen deficiency. If the stool is soft and rotten, the stickiness is a symptom of wet spleen, indicating that there is an abnormality in digestive function.

Therefore, if the above symptoms appear, then you really have a spleen deficiency, seek medical knowledge: 5 symptoms of severe spleen deficiency, the spleen is urgent, and early attacks must be detected early.

  I hope you can all understand the above contents seriously. If we have the above situation, then we need to pay attention to the possibility that our spleen is weak. We need to pay more attention to conditioning to ensure our spleen health and physical health.Make life healthier too!