TCM teaches you how to deal with children’s picky eaters


TCM teaches you how to deal with children’s picky eaters

A child’s partial eating can lead to malnutrition and affect physical development. Parents should pay attention to correcting this child’s diet.

Babies eat too much and do not picky eaters, parents will feel very happy, but many children have partial eclipse, picky eaters, and coax eating when eating, so why do your kids have partial eclipse, what should children do

The reasons for partial food can be roughly divided into the following six types: 1. Food tastes too strong, bitter or sour and difficult to eat; 2. Things look unpalatable; 3. Excessive amount; 4. Scolded while eating; 5. Some of the brothers have partial eclipse and follow their own learning pattern; 6. Physically unacceptable (including allergies); What should children do about partial eclipse? Parents should first confirm whether to give their children too much snacks or drinks.

In addition, for the food that children hate, you should change the cooking method to try to change its taste.

Focus on the display, color, fragrance, and taste. Make more efforts so that children are interested in food and can relax with a pleasant mood.

First of all, moms and dads need to make the food look delicious and easy to eat. This is not to over decorate the food, but to string the food or use different plates to change it.

The child will not eat too much at a time, so don’t force him to eat too much at a time.

Dim sum must also be treated as a meal, so use more eggs, milk, and fruit materials to balance nutrition.

In fact, parents should pay attention not to scold children when eating.

An unhappy banquet will gradually lead to loss of appetite.

If the whole family pays attention to the atmosphere during sleep, children will naturally want to eat.

Everyone in the family must change the habit of partial eclipse, especially among brothers, it is easy to imitate, one has partial eclipse, and the other will learn.

Parents are the same, they have to set an example for their children.

Bitter or sour things will most likely be accepted by children when they grow up.

When a child is young, try to tart his favorite tastes. Food is the most important thing to try to make him easy to eat.

Figs boiled sugar can treat children with a small amount of food and are prone to diarrhea. Figs have the effect of strengthening fermentation and regulating bowel movements.

It is a must-eat food for children with poor appetite and susceptibility to diarrhea or constipation.

It is the easiest way to eat raw during the production season, but it can also be convenient to store figs in boiled sugar or fruit wine when they are in full production.

Pay attention to the amount of sugar when figs are boiled, and don’t put too much on them, which will cause a burden on the stomach of children with a bad stomach.

Take 1 daily?

The effect is excellent.

Figs boiled sugar: 1, cooked with 100 grams of honey to a kilo of figs.

You can also add a glass of red wine according to your personal preferences.

2. Cook until the soup is dry.

3, during storage, you should take out heating once a week.

The method of treating partial eclipse and loss of appetite should be based on children’s favorite flavoring and conditioning methods.

Intensified flavors of fish or green pepper, carrots, onions, etc. can be cast with curry flavor or added with tomato sauce to mask its taste.

In addition, fried or fried may be easier to eat than cooked.

Ginger soup with honey can promote appetite Ginger soup with honey has been widely used by folks since ancient times as a weak body and a child’s appetite.

After adding 10 grams of ginger juice or boiling water to add water or boiling water easily, add honey or brown sugar for children to put in. Not only can they keep their bodies warm, the smell of ginger can also promote appetite.

If your child is afraid of the spicy taste of ginger and can’t accept it, you can use it to cook fish and meat to hide the ginger flavor in it. However, don’t overdo it when you have eye congestion.

Artemisia can strengthen the gastrointestinal. For children with poor appetite, indigestion, easy indigestion or often feel bloating, often snoring, it is recommended to give him artemisia annua.

You can use soup, garnish or hot pot.

Boiled Artemisia annua will have a unique aroma, but the aroma and medicinal effects will diminish if it is cooked too long or left in the water for too long.

Therefore, it should not be cooked for too long, it should be picked up immediately after cooking.

Chinese medicine treatment of children’s partial eclipse and remedy prescription 1 hawthorn 10 grams, 8 grams of Divine Comedy, dried fish skewer whole grass 10 grams, chicken Yato 5 grams, decoction, 1 dose daily, warm.

This prescription is suitable for pediatric anorexia, anorexia, and body relief. Generally, obvious effects can be seen after 5 days.
According to the condition and course of disease, 5?
10 days.
Prescription 2 6 g of malt, 8 g of malt, 8 g of yam, 10 g of dried dandelion, decoction, 1 dose daily, warm.

This prescription is suitable for children with anorexia, poor appetite, fatigue, etc. caused by too much fatty glycerine food.
5 doses can be cured.

The prescription is 300 grams of 10 grams, 5 grams of dried bitter peel, 5 grams of cork peel, 3 grams of woody incense, 3 grams of tangerine peel.

This prescription is suitable for children with anorexia caused by roundworms, thin livelihood, and lackluster complexion.