[How to make pork for babies]_Methods_Methods

[How to make pork for babies]_Methods_Methods

As your baby grows, many babies need to add complementary foods.

Many mothers choose some pork when preparing complementary foods.

Because pork has a lot of nutritional value.

But everyone also knows that babies cannot eat too salty foods, so mothers need to pay attention to cooking methods when making pork.

So, how to make pork for babies?

How to make mashed meat for babies 1, chicken puree material: 30 grams of chicken breasts practice: chopped chicken breasts, steamed and pressed into mud, and then feed with spoon.

Nutrition: Chicken contains high-quality animal protein, but also contains trace, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins, which can improve nutritional value and is one of the foods for infant rickets.

2. Pork paste material: 30 grams of lean meat Method: lean meat is ground, steamed and pressed into mud, and then fed with a spoon.

Nutritional ingredients: Pork is rich in protein, trace amounts, calcium, phosphorus, iron, impurities, B vitamins, etc., which has a better effect on infant nutritional anemia.

Precautions for eating mashed meat for babies as supplementary foods 1. When babies start to try meat food, mothers can start by eating chicken or pork for babies. These two types of meat are less likely to be allergic.

2. When adding mashed meat to your baby, it is best to add only one type at a time. After the baby fully adapts, add replacements, otherwise it will cause the baby’s stomach discomfort and digestive disorders.

3. If the baby does not have the ability to chew, it is recommended to go to the market to buy the bottled puree for baby. This is because the puree made at home is generally rough and not suitable for baby.

Meat paste sold in the market is easier to be absorbed by babies after special processing.

4. After the baby has the ability to chew, mothers can consider feeding the baby with hand-milled meat paste, which can exercise the baby’s tooth development.

After reading this article, are parents confident about how to make baby mash?

In fact, the mashed meat is not limited to chicken and pork, and beef is also a good choice.

In addition, when making mashed meat for your baby, it is best to stay away from shelled seafood of shrimp and crab, because these seafood can easily cause baby’s allergic symptoms.