Ginger Buyang Brown Sugar Nourishing

Ginger Buyang Brown Sugar Nourishing

Although ginger and brown sugar have many benefits, they are also aimed at physical fitness.

Zhang Rui said that for men with yin deficiency constitution, such as those who often have dry mouth and hot flashes, it is not recommended to eat more ginger; people who often eat spicy foods, it is best to eat less ginger.

“And women with cold hands and feet, white complexion, and so on, can eat more brown sugar appropriately.

People with a hot constitution, such as those with dry and astringent eyes, hot hands and feet, dry mouth, bitterness, and anxiety, and dry stools, should not eat or eat less.

“Zhang Rui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Andrology of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that Jiang has the effect of warming Qi, and the effect of nourishing Qi and reinforcing Yang is obvious.

In addition, modern medicine has confirmed that gingerol in ginger can promote digestion, increase appetite, and promote the effect of driving wind and cold.

Especially for men with a normal physique, eating ginger is a “best product” for boosting yang.

  Li Hongzhu, an associate professor of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, highlighted that the main ingredient of brown sugar is sugar, and women with high blood sugar cannot eat it.

In addition, women are just confinement, during the menstrual period, you can properly add some brown sugar, do not need to eat every day.

  Cong Huifang, director of gynecology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the “sugar” in “a woman cannot be sugar-free for 100 days” refers to brown sugar.

“Brown sugar can warm menstruation and nourish blood, remove stasis and regenerate essence, and also has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. It has good auxiliary treatment effects for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.