[How to keep the poached eggs]_Not broken_How to make

[How to keep the poached eggs]_Not broken_How to make

The process of making poached eggs is very simple. Many people choose poached eggs for breakfast, but in the process of making poached eggs, we always find that the eggs have a broken shape and are not good-looking.

Although we are to eat, if the shape can be made more perfect, it can increase our appetite, let us enjoy the fun of food, and develop a good mood.

So, how can the poached eggs stay?

First, cooking[ingredients]: 1 fresh egg as the main ingredient.

Some vinegar.

[Features]: This egg is soft, easy to digest, rich in protein, trace, and contains almost all other vitamins and minerals except vitamin C.

The protein of egg is very similar to that of human body, and it has the highest physiological value among all food proteins.

It is the most ideal protein food for infants.

Do not add salt during preparation. Salt will prevent the egg whites from solidifying.

[Operation]: ① Add 250 grams of water to the small pot, pour in vinegar, and boil the water.

Scoop the eggs into a cup.

② After the water is boiled, keep the boiled water slightly boiled and not too tumbling. Pour the eggs slowly into the water and cook until the egg whites are solidified. When the egg yolks are yellow, remove them into a small dish and dry them for feeding.

[Nutrition value]: protein: eggs are rich in high-quality protein, containing 12 per 100 grams of eggs.

7 grams of protein, the protein contained in two eggs is roughly equivalent to 150 grams of protein in fish or lean meat.

Second, if you are pursuing beauty and require poached eggs not to break, you must pay attention to the following points: There are two ways to not break, one is to wait for the water to open, turn the fire to a minimum, keep the water calm and not tumble, and then beat the eggs in;Another method is to boil the water, beat the eggs in a small bowl filled with cold water, and then pour into the pan.

Deep water in a small pot, try to keep the eggs from coming into contact with the bottom of the pot, otherwise, use a flat shovel to separate the freshly dropped eggs from the bottom of the pot, so that the egg yolk protein can be wrapped tighter; also when the eggs are put in, Let the rolling level calm down, this can avoid breaking the eggs just after the pan.

First, choose fresh eggs.

Second, the pot is preferably iron.

Third, carefully boil the egg into the pot after the water is boiled. When the egg yolk is wrapped by the egg white, turn the flat spatula gently.

Fourth, Lao Nen followed the personal climate.