Patients with stroke recovery period medication 3 misunderstanding

Misunderstanding 1: The recovery period of patients who do not adhere to long-term medication strokes is relatively long, generally takes 3-12 months.

Patients who have passed the acute phase still need to be actively treated for one year, and they should continue to use the drug during the year.

  According to clinical data, the recovery and reconstruction of stroke in the first year is 25%-30%: the recovery and reconstruction in the second year is 17%-20%; the recovery and reconstruction in the third year is 20%-23%; the fourth year of regeneration is 15%-18%; the fifth year of regeneration is 5%-9%.

It can be seen that the time of taking a stroke patient is best maintained for five years, so that the recurrence rate can be significantly reduced.

  Wrong area 2: Blindly selecting patients with a drug recovery period should choose a certain drug, which is a problem that patients and their families are very concerned about.

Due to the lack of knowledge in this area, many people often only choose drugs from media advertisements such as newspapers and televisions unilaterally. This kind of practice of blindly obeying advertisements and using drugs according to their specific circumstances is very unscientific and veryHarmful.

  Misunderstanding 3: I hope that there are too many special effects medicines for stroke patients and their families to seek more and more eagerness. I always want to find one or several special effects drugs, which can be recovered in a short period of time after use, or effectively prevent recurrence.

Therefore, some people mistakenly believe that imported drugs, precious drugs are good drugs, special effects drugs, at all costs to the patient, so that not only does not achieve the expected results, and may be deceived.

  Stroke patients and their families are particularly concerned that patients should not forget to take necessary measures to control blood pressure, regulate blood lipids and lower blood viscosity, and control blood sugar and other chronic diseases that may cause recurrence of stroke, while preventing stroke recurrence and treatment of sequelae.Only in this way can we effectively prevent secondary stroke and treat stroke sequelae.