Fashion tutor: growing up in PK

Fashion tutor: growing up in “PK”

The daughter is 7 years old and has many advantages and problems.
She likes to listen to stories, but there are few stories left in her mind that cannot be completely retelled; her body is getting fat, but she is too lazy to exercise, and the hula hoop at home is left aside; for a lot of texts to be recited, each time is very efficientLow . I secretly worry: I have to find a way to solve these problems.
As the “Super Girl Voice” is on the air, her daughter is familiar with the concept of “PK” and likes that kind of competitive stage. I thought about it and got an idea!
  Story PK, have you ever played?
  That night, my wife went to the night shift, and the task of educating my children fell to my shoulders.
After dinner, I lit up the colored spotlights in the living room. My daughter asked, “Isn’t this only turned on during the Chinese New Year?
I said, “Did you not see the stage lights?
Today, we will use the living room as the stage and the sofa as the auditorium to conduct a unique story PK contest.
The daughter’s eyes brightened and she said excitedly: “Okay, let’s come to the PK contest!
We take turns on the stage. You speak first, and I will be the judge. When it is my turn, you will also give me a score.
“Hey, I know my daughter must be interested in this form, but I didn’t expect her to have a set of ideas.
I added: “The story PK contest will take several rounds like TV to determine the outcome.
So, the first round is allowed to read and tell, the second round must be separated from the book and told independently, and the third round is allowed to properly rewrite the story.
“The daughter agreed with satisfaction.
  I first introduced myself in a decent manner, and then chose the story of “Wash Your Mother’s Feet.” After roughly recording the causes, processes, and results, I stood confidently on the “stage” and finished the story completely without writing.
The “judge” gave me a comment: “It was pretty good, loud, standard Mandarin, and able to read without reading.
However, it was not emotional enough, and finally scored-99 points.
It ‘s her daughter ‘s turn. She read an article called “The Twelve Hunters.” Considering that this is the first time, my evaluation is more relaxed. “I can read the story seriously. The audience likes to listen, and I have more expressions.Book, deduct a little, 99 points.
“The PK scores in the first round are the same, and they enter the second round.
This time, my daughter nervously read the book first and wrote down the story. Her bold narrative won me a score of 100 points, but once again I was penalized for lack of affection.
For the third time, when she was talking about “The Little Smart Tailor”, a dialogue between the young tailor and the bear was created by herself, and the whole story could be organized independently and emotionally.
I am once again pleased with her progress, and “gloriously” conceded.
  1257 times, the hula hoop PK queen can hula hoop also PK?
It can take 5 laps to 1257 laps at a time. It takes a long time to practice?
In fact, it only takes 8 days of effort.
Since having the hula hoop PK, her daughter’s interest can be very high, not only insisting on PK with me and her mother every night, but also gradually develop the habit of turning hula hoop.
Let’s see how her composition is described: “The hula hoop PK competition started, and I saw my father like a big stupid bear. After three turns, he fell off.
Mom’s circle is almost a big joke. It’s only about ten times to see her nervously stretch her face.
I’m different. I have turned a lot on my waist and I can turn a lot on my feet!
At first I was not proficient. After slowly practicing, I could finally transfer to more than 490 and become the king of the hula hoop!
I jumped up happily, my dad was stunned, he didn’t expect me to make such a big progress.
Let me tell you, now I keep refreshing the record, the highest record is 1257 times, as long as I am not tired, I can continue to rotate non-stop.
Everyone said, ‘Look at this little fat girl, the waist has become thinner these days.
‘I think as long as you stick to the hula hoop and keep creating records, you will definitely be a model in the future!
The PK match left me fond memories.
“Recite PK, alternative homework check. Daughter’s homework notes read: recite the text” West Lake. ”
Although the text practice only requires reading emotionally, I strongly support the teacher’s approach: Chinese learning requires more recitations, more articles in my mind, active thinking, and enhanced language sense.
But her daughter’s method of memorizing the text is very backward. It is a kind of mechanical memory of the child and lacks a scientific method.In order to teach her better memory methods, I decided to recite with her.

  To be honest, “West Lake” is a difficult text to recite.

First of all, I changed the way she recited the whole chapter and told her to recite the text like eating bread and biting bite by bite.

The text is divided into 4 sections. Our recitation PK is divided into 4 rounds, and each round completes a recitation.

The daughter was daunting at first, but the first round made her feel happy, because the first paragraph had only two sentences, and she finished it quickly.

In this way, her daughter gradually became familiar with the segmented memory method.

  At the beginning of the second round, I was going to teach her how to recite with the method of imagination, which is to understand memorization.

Before I prepare for the game, I describe a side note next to it: What do you see from the West Lake?

What about the white gull from the shore to the center of the lake to the surface of the lake?

This makes recitation much easier.

  In the third round, I wrote about several scenic spots in the West Lake. I showed her pictures and recited while reading. The concept of space was clear, and I felt a sense of direction when I picked up the book.

4 rounds down, less than half an hour.

I think that as a parent, the way of tutoring also needs to be constantly adjusted to give children appropriate help according to their age and mental characteristics.

  My daughter progresses in the PK day by day. The PK competition between me and my daughter is still going on. Just like the various PK in life, I am willing to grow up with my daughter, keep pace with the times, and pave the way for my daughter in innovation.future.