Demystifying five harmful skin care recipes


Demystifying five harmful skin care recipes

There are various recipes circulating on the Internet. MMs who like their own DIY skin care set an example, but are these recipes really so useful?

There are some remedies that harm you if you don’t do well. Let’s open your eyes and take a look!

  Remedy harm case 1: Tea tree oil with high concentration to remove acne and hurt people: A young girl heard that tea tree oil can cure acne, and directly received tea tree oil with a concentration of 100% and dropped it on acne because the concentration was too highInstead, it causes dermatitis.

  The truth of the event: Tea tree oil can indeed remove acne, but it must be in the early stage of acne and the concentration of the essential oil must be replaced, not directly.

  Correct recommendation: Body shop tea tree oil remedy harms case two: directly apply propolis to acne injury: someone put the propolis eaten directly on the body to cure acne, and the whole face almost ulcerated.

Ms. Xie heard that propolis can cure acne. She was smart and applied it to the skin. As a result, the acne became worse and the whole face became red and swollen. It was very sad.

  The truth of the incident: This kind of propolis dripping in the mouth is originally a health food, which can only be taken orally, and the effect of acne removal has to be verified.

  Correct recommendation: Apple Acne Patch If your skin has acne or acne marks, then this method of treatment can’t be easier.

Just use it twice a week, preferably fresh apples.

  Remedy harm incident three: Hemorrhoid cream treatment of dark circles and fine lines injury incident: There are many posts saying that Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream can cure dark circles and bags under the eyes, and some people have good results after use.

So someone bought it immediately, and it turned out that the big and small eyes were very serious, and it returned to normal after a few days.

  The truth of the event: The hemorrhoid ointment itself is oily enough and adds some remaining cheap moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin. It may have an effect in the short term and accelerate the aging of the skin in the long run.

  Recipe for Harmful Case 4: Lemon whitening, loss of wife and tragedy. Incident: Seeing Xiaoyu frightened me. Both jaws became red and swollen, with traces like burning, and her mouth was severe.Peeling.

Who is so cruel to make Ali look like this?

It turned out that after returning home from a tour in Southeast Asia, she was seriously anxious and whitened, so she applied her face with lemons seriously, and drank pure (unreplaced) lemon juice three times a day. As a result, she still has stomachache!

  The truth of the incident: Lemonade?




Clinically, too many people may be injured by applying lemon.

People who drink pure lemon juice will not be able to bear it, and if it is applied to the face, the skin will often be too much!

  As an example, whitening masks show crises everywhere, including the popular buttermilk dressing. Be careful of excessive oil and acne. When applying fruit, pay special attention to the juice of lemon leaves, which can cause skin lightness and darkening.; And the time of applying the face should not be neglected. If the time of applying the face is too long, it may cause skin burns!

  The truth of the event: Homemade whitening masks must first understand the time of face application, possible alternations, and precautions; homemade masks are also effective, but absolutely eliminate harm to a minimum.