Guangdong old Chinese medicine micro-business recruitment book 2

“Guangdong old Chinese medicine” micro-business recruitment book 2

I. Investment Promotion Policy 1.
Establish a marketing structure of the leader of the army and the second level of the distributor to ensure that the distributors are 30% profitable (ie, the retail price is 30% off).
At the same time, on the basis of ensuring that the head of the army also has a profit of 30%, there is also a rebate of 5% of the purchase amount, and the benefits are distributed and sustainable.
Each military commander has a 100-point explosion based on: price 26.
8/box (not priced) red jujube ginger tea, explosion into 9.
9 yuan / box shipping.
Stir-fry 100 c-residents, solve the distribution of the head of the army, the delivery of the post of the head of the army, and send the mailing address.
Regarding the reward of the head of the army, the reward of 1 million yuan was completed, and the reward was 1.
8L luxury version of Tian Auto completed a 2 million yuan return, rewarding Beijing Benz 3.
0 off-road vehicle a 4.
Reward for distributors (small b): Complete the payment of 300,000 yuan, reward the new Matai tourism for a quota of 500,000 yuan to return the money, and reward the new Matai tourism two places.
After-sales service: 1 head of the army can go to the factory for training and training. Main contents: A.
Visiting and training TCM health culture in the old TCM health museum, and understanding the theory of Chinese medicine “Junchen Zuozhi” B.
Vision training related counseling, joint construction blueprint 2 distributor (small b) tourism incentive training: A.Training on how to implant old TCM health culture B.Sales Skills Training 6.
Nine grid maps and product materials (updated daily): We can obtain WeChat public number from the following channels: Old Chinese Medicine Health Care PC Portal Website – Old Chinese Medicine Health Care Network II, Investment Conditions 1, Purchase Amount: Distributor – PurchaseThe amount is not less than 888 yuan army leader – the purchase amount is not less than 1888 yuan 2, organizational structure: the head of the army must have at least two distributors if you are tempted!
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