Four beauty hazards hurt your skin

Four beauty hazards hurt your skin

Why do we find that sometimes our skin looks particularly bad, wrinkles and acne appear together, and we clearly know how to care for our skin.

What hurts our skin.

  Rapid weight loss or lack of exercise can cause skin sagging due to rapid weight loss; lack of exercise slows the skin’s metabolism and leaves the skin inactive.

  Countermeasures: Reasonably control the weight, and do not change too much; aerobic exercise can accelerate the skin’s breathing and improve the deterioration.

  Sudden changes in the environment or bad environment Beauty experts said that sudden changes in the environment, such as sudden changes in temperature, hot or cold, or long-term exposure of the skin to the hot sun, cold skin, the skin is difficult to adapt, it will become rough and wrinkles.

  For example, during the winter and summer seasons, there is a large difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. You can gently cover your face with your hands for a few minutes to give the skin a time to adapt to the cold (or hot), and then go out.

Don’t underestimate this simple action, realize it, you are caring for your skin.

  Rich facial expressions According to experts, the skin on the face is supported by facial muscles.

If the facial expression is too complicated and changes too much, the facial expression muscles will continually contract, expand, and move the skin together.

When the skin’s elasticity and tension are not good, it creates the best conditions for the formation of wrinkles.

  Reason: Of course, people can’t laugh without worry, the key is to gently massage the nose, lips, cheeks, and calm the smile after laughing.

  Long-term insufficient sleep Beauty experts predict that insufficient sleep is sufficient to reduce skin regulation, wrinkles and accelerate aging.

  Solution: After 11:00 pm, it is the best time for skin repair.

If you miss it, you need to get enough sleep, and preferably the expected sleep.

Don’t overlook that sleep is the best beauty recipe.