Scared you see my nude

Scared you see my nude

People who don’t have confidence in their body usually don’t feel sexy, and self-confidence is important, because if they think they are very sexy, the brain will begin to transmit sexual signals.

Just like a lady’s confession: “I don’t have the courage to take off my clothes when I see my previous tattoos, cellulite, fat buttocks and sagging breasts, let alone be wild with my partner’s passion?

The sloppy figure becomes me and the sexy enemy.

“Magic mirror, magic mirror, my most sexy thanks to the vigorous rendering of the media, youth and beautiful myths have intensified, many people are superstitious that sex is the patent of handsome men and women, without the angel’s face or devil’s body, there is no sexOr charm at all.

  But if you look closely at the friends around you, taking a man as an example, the sexy goddess in the eyes of men is not a traditional beauty embryo. These sexy idols that really attract them may look slightly plump, maybe milfs, or the features are not perfect, But because they exude vitality and enthusiasm all over the body, they are deeply fascinated.

  Have you made the same mistake as being sexy?

Take a look at the following questions!

  Women’s five big surprises on body: 1. Weight: Most women always feel that they are overweight.

  2. Breast size: Women either feel that their breasts are too large or they are too small or drooping.

  3, old age: fear of wrinkles, sagging skin, aging of the waist, etc.

  4. Thighs: The perfect thigh in a woman’s mind can only be described as slender.

  Men’s five big surprises on body: 1. Penis size: Very few men are satisfied with their penis size 2. Hairline recedes: Men are extremely afraid of balding at the young age and lose their attractiveness.

  3. Age: Although traditionally men’s white hair and crepe are not a big deal, this phenomenon has changed.

  4. Belly: Most of the men’s aunts are stacked on the belly of the beer with a big belly.

  5. Height: Studies have shown that women choose their spouse or prefer a taller man, while short men tend to feel inferior.

  To learn to pamper your body, you should really put aside these unrealistic standards. Few people in real life are born with a star face, so why should you measure yourself with such high standards?

It is recommended that you try to learn to pamper your body, spend 15 minutes every day standing in front of a full-length mirror to observe your nakedness, or stand or squat or sit, appreciate yourself in the mirror, and then easily explore the whole body.

Repeat the practice until you accept your body, and you can enjoy the touch of your skin. Think about who you can attract if you can’t pamper and appreciate your body.

  In addition, in addition to having confidence in your body, you should also actively give your partner praise and confidence.

Pay attention to the characteristics of your partner. Maybe she just has beautiful hair, maybe her fatness can fascinate people, or maybe his jaw has a firm and powerful line.