Leftover female compatriots must take care of the skin in all directions


Leftover female compatriots must take care of the skin in all directions

Are the female compatriots still worried about finding the other half?

Disregarding personality and destiny, do you think about the skin texture and complexion that men like?

Have you considered some beautiful details that will make him feel married and come home as a wife with both face and pragmatism?

In fact, many beautiful details may fulfill the code of your marriage. Do n’t believe it. From now on, protect yourself according to what we said, and belong to your husband.

right Xu Hui will appear soon, take your hand, and approach happiness!

  1 The white skin is to recruit the elderly to like “a white hides all ugliness”.

A study by British sociologists has shown that aesthetic preferences reflect the replacement of moral standards. Fair skin is reminiscent of naivety, simplicity, dignity, chastity, and kindness, so if you want to make a good impression on prospective mother-in-law, whitening work is definitely a must.Do something special.

  Start here: Essences and moisturizing creams are best!

Especially in the summer, whitening products are often dry, and it feels greasy to apply a few thick layers, so at this time, only use whitening essence with moisturizing lotion, and the more similar the better, the better the lotion and essence are relatively thin., This season skin will like it more, don’t forget to do enough sun protection work!

  Recommended products: Guerlain Royal Ting Orchid Ultimate Whitening Essence 3600 yuan Fancl Water Emulsion 165 yuan Estee Lauder Platinum Perfect Whitening Cream New Price Not Married Stars Beautiful Gossip You look small S, the essence of facial features is outstanding, butLike Big S, she is born with pale skin, and looking at her harmonious relationship with her mother-in-law, it is not difficult to guess the fair skin for her impression points.

  Even if Jialing is no longer young, the plump skin condition and youthful feeling definitely stand in the eyes of Mr. Yi!

  2He believes that the elastic skin will grow slower. You are crazy about your decree lines, but men do n’t even know what decree lines are. They do n’t notice the depressions on both sides of your nose, but they care about whether the skin is elastic.Asked them and explained that the explanation was: the skin is elastic and feels good, and it must be slow to age.

Therefore, maintaining the elasticity of the skin is crucial for him to think that you are still getting old quickly!

  Start here: collagen supplements by hand!

If you want to maintain elasticity, it is necessary to replenish collagen. However, if it is not massaged, it may be difficult to be absorbed well. First, pat about 100 times, then use your palm to warm the face and stimulate the cells in the skin to maintain elasticity.Good condition of the fiber.

  Firming products keep up tonight!

If you don’t feel that it is too thick in summer, add an extra layer of firming product before going to bed at night, and use it as a good night mask to adjust your skin.

  Recommended product: LA MER Sea Blue Mystery Extra Firming Lotion (+ Tightening Essence 3400 yuan) Dream Makeup Elastic Lifting Essence Loose 199 yuan Su Wei Active Oxygen Collagen Active Milk 522 yuan 3 Let full lips evoke hisIn the five senses of protection, apart from eyes, men’s second priority is probably lips.

You can’t be sexy enough, but it must be full and plump, no dead skin and no lip lines, look tender, and always stir up his urge to kiss you.

Did n’t foreign sociologists say that full lips can evoke a man ‘s desire for protection, because they always feel that such a woman is pathetic.

  Start here: apply lip mask mint base in the evening!

Some girls do not have the habit of using lip balm products in the summer, and then cultivate themselves as soon as possible.

Apply a thick layer as a lip mask before falling asleep at night. If you feel too moist this season, use a lip balm with a cool mint ingredient. It is much better to apply it first. Do n’t forget to care about the edge of the mouthOh!

  Recommended products: Keyan’s Lip Balm No. 1 Béjas Water Soluble Mineral Revitalizing Eyes and Lips Repair Cream 680 yuan 4 Healthy luster looks more wealthy men choose your wife, although this age will not be fussy about your origin, realistically, if you look like a dish, Even if you grow up with respect and respect, you will also be suspected of malnutrition, but if your skin glows healthy and shiny from the inside out, it will make people feel that the environment for growth is not bad, so that your skin will be sunny.

So from now on, work hard to give your skin a healthy glow!

  Start here: Exfoliate regularly!

The smoother the epidermal layer of the skin, the fuller the cells, the more it can refract light, and the brighter the complexion, so the aging keratin must be removed regularly. It is best to remove it every 5 days or 6 days, but it is best to have regularity.A kind of rhythmic care.

  Glow mask instantly!

A girl friend who has been around has been dating a few times. She can wear no makeup, but she will definitely apply a mask that can instantly improve the face’s radiance half an hour before the date. Her theory is that you ca n’t lose anything.The complexion of skin is to give people a good spirit and good state, and naturally increase the hit rate.

  Recommended product: La Prairie Revitalizing and Brightening Repair Cream 5500 yuan CHANEL moisturizing cream 690 yuan 5 dark circles make him think that your life is irregular The destructive power of dark circles is really fatal, a girlfriend once cried and laughed to meOne of the reasons why the boy she admired rejected her was that she felt that her dark circles were too heavy, and she was suspected of excessive libido. OMG, the man ‘s universe is really endless!

However, no matter how stressful or restless the panda eyes will make the other person feel that your life is irregular, it is certainly not a qualified wife’s routine, is it reasonable?

  Start here: Want to lighten your eyes and be willing to give up “ruthless hands”!

A bottle of eye cream doesn’t work. Actually, because the strength is not enough, Teacher Niu Er once did a magical single contrast on the editor’s face. Instantly the left eye was much lighter than the dark circles of the right eye.

Apply a large amount to the eye area, slap at least 200 times with an acceptable force, and insert a few times with your fingers from the eye to the temple, which promotes blood circulation, and the dark circles are really pale.

  Recommended product: SK-II upgraded eye multi-effect nourishing essence lotion 620 yuan DIOR hydrodynamic sunscreen eye cream SPF20395 yuan 6 pore oil gloss absolutely affects the skin appearance, let alone men, women rarely accept their own full body shineLarge pores!

Especially in the summer, excessive oil production and enlarged pore problems always make us feel upset and tempers, so maintaining a dry face is not to please each other, but more important to make ourselves feel better.Increase confidence.

  Start here: washing your face before taking a bath can help your pores!

The top and pore problems cannot be separated. Taking care of the pores should start with small details. In the summer, it ‘s better to replace the bath. We must pay attention to the bathing order. Some girls are used to washing their hair first and then washing their faces. In fact, they should be inverted.Open pores, dirty things will get into the opportunity to increase the chance of pores becoming larger!In addition, the proper use of some pore stealth products can also reduce the spread of coaxial shine.

  Recommended products: Biotherm Clear Skin Rejuvenating Pore Invisible Exposure 390 yuan La Roche-Posay oil special cleansing foam 168 yuan married married star beauty gossip Li Jiaxin’s skin for many years like a day, from the perspective of texture, fullness are not pickyAlthough she is no longer young, she has not heard any talk that she is getting old.

  Chen Huilin, who wants to be a mother, has hardly seen her short hair style these past few years, and her flowing long hair is enough to win her the endorsement of shampoo, and it also sets off the temperament of a good wife and mother.

  7 Hair feels bright and smooth. The effect of your non-frizzy hair on a person’s overall feeling is great. Imagine if your hair is smooth and shiny, it will definitely make the other person feel comfortable, quiet, and of course decent.The ideal wife’s appearance is so pointy, but dry grass and dull hair will definitely leave a impression of frizzy personality, and people will not be able to get up.

  Start here: semi-dry hair + nutrition spray small fire “boil” the night’s suppleness!

In addition to less dyeing and less scalding, pre-combing it with a comb when making a hair mask will also make nutrition and hair more uniform.

The editor also has his own care. After taking a shower, blow the hair along the scales and blow the hair to only 70% to 80% dry. Then spray a little disposable spray to sleep. The hair will be extra smooth the next morning, maybe the pillow and the head.The temperature wrapped around the hair “soaked” the nourishing heat for a night and soaked the hair. In short, it was tried and tested.

  Recommended product: Lulu Deyaying Brightening Shampoo 185 yuan 8 Jiayuan healthy clean nails don’t be too long This is the most easily overlooked detail, but it is also a place that the elderly will always pay special attention to.

Some girls love to make nails, and their nails are long. It is more natural to stick a crystal nail. Now men do n’t think much about it, but the elderly seeing such nails still think you are a big lady who never does housework.

But it can’t be left untouched at all, it is best to be of medium and short length, and occasionally the hand is very white and tender.

  Start here: moisturizing your fingers is double than your back!

Long nails are not good, but it is important to keep nails and fingers healthy and clean. There are no barbs or dead skin on hand. In addition to eating VC and improving diet, regular facial exfoliating products to care for the nail margins should not be ignored.

And the active degree of the finger is much higher than the back of the hand, so the finger must be twice as much as the amount of the back of the hand when applying hand cream.

  Recommended products: Jiabei Shi Women’s Fragrance Hand Cream (Jasmine Nectar) 188 yuan Little bee lemon oil nail repair cream about 40 yuan 9 Don’t let the neck and cervical spine laterally texture Your age’s in a beauty class in a beauty classSpeaking to skin care experts about the neck and neck lines is the most likely to cause real age, which really scared us.

It turns out that the horizontal stripes of the neck below the chin that we have been paying attention to are not real ageometers, but the lines that extend between the back of the ear and the collarbone when you turn your head. The older the deeper and the deeper the lines, the beauty expertsI also joked that we try not to turn our heads and talk to others, it is too easy to target the real age.

  Start here: Massage the neck with a collarbone!

You can only try if you do n’t turn your head. We still have to start from the moment of seriousness to delay the deepening of the side lines. The usual method of lifting the chin along the neck and the chin has been out. In fact, the best way is to apply it.When you apply neck cream or apply a night cream to a napkin with a napkin, use one finger to clavicle, and the other hand to pull the neck to the chin, and then turn to the ear, which completely guarantees the skin condition around the collarbone and relieves the pressure on the neck and neck.It also took care of the skin behind the ear.

  Recommended products: Clarins Evening Soothing Beauty Liquid 360 Yuan Herborist Reverse Time-Heng Mei Firming Neck Cream 260 Yuan 10 Good taste gives his family the feeling of attraction between men and women, but in fact it should be attributed to a certain taste.

Men are always obsessed with the special taste of a woman and want to keep the taste with them, but the taste they love is often not the perfume that can be bought on the surface of the city, but the most natural and natural like body fragrance.The smell of flowers, grass, shampoo is the most authentic taste of home in their taste.

  Start here: Fruity, floral scented body lotion is more intimate!

If you can only use a variety of brand-name perfumes to make yourself delicious and stay only in the initial stage, there are already girls around Taobao who buy Ningxiang pills to eat, so-called eating will emit a natural body fragrance, if you are still questioning thisThe safety factor is really not as good as starting from the most basic bath lotion and body milk. Their fragrance is full-body, embedded, more natural, floral and fruity.

  Recommended products: L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Body Lotion 250 yuan Sephora Passion Fruit Fruity Bath Milk 59 yuan