[How to save the mixed meat?

】 _How to save_Save method

[How to save the mixed meat?
】 _How to save_Save method

The meat filling is not unfamiliar to us Chinese. Even when we were young, our mother would prepare some dumplings for us.

And historically, meat fillings have been around for a long, long time. In this way, food made with meat fillings such as dumplings has become a traditional Chinese food.

I make more meat every time I make meat, so how do I keep the mixed meat?

Methods and steps for preserving meat fillings: 1. Fill the meat fillings into a relatively strong plastic bag, and after filling, slowly flatten and discharge the air, and then tightly seal the mouth of the bag.

2. Use the chopsticks to make traces on the meat filling, the purpose is to divide the meat filling into small pieces, and the size of each piece can be eaten once.

3. Finally, put the plastic bag in the freezer of the refrigerator and save it. When you need to eat, take the next piece.

The meat filling can also be filled into multiple plastic bags separately, and each bag can be filled with meat filling at least once, then sealed and pressed into a thin meatloaf, and then frozen and stored.

Prepare meat fillings in the refrigerator at any time, take them out one night in advance and thaw them in the refrigerator, and you can basically use them when you return.

Note: Don’t press too thick when flattening, it will thaw quickly if it is thinner.

The way most people save the meat is to freeze the meat directly into a bag and make it into a hard ball. This is not easy to thaw, and it may not be used up. As a result, the meat is repeatedly frozen, which affects the meat.The taste is also expensive.

How to make dumpling stuffing delicious?

Let’s use the most moist cabbage dumplings as an example to reveal some tips you need to know about making dumplings.

Tip 1: Mix flour and water into a slightly soft dough according to the ratio of 2: 1, knead it and lay it for later use (the softness of the dough can refer to the softness of the earlobe).

Before chopping minced meat, soak the ginger and shallots in water for 1 hour to make onion ginger water. Pork stuffed with an appropriate amount of onion and ginger water can remove the meaty smell, and also make the meat soft and tender, and dumplings tenderJuicy.

Tip # 2: Chop the meat by hand, chop the meat by hand, and chop the meat by hand. Important things have to be said three times.

Tip # 3: Chopped cabbage is slightly moisturized, then poured into refrigerated meat, and mix in the remaining oil.

Add the remaining refined salt, mix the cabbage with oil first, and then add the refined salt into the cabbage to reduce the water out of the cabbage.