[Can salmon be eaten raw when it is frozen?

]_ Can you eat it?

[Can salmon be eaten raw when it is frozen?
]_ Can you eat it?

Absolutely, the nutritional value of salmon is very high, and it can provide a large amount of nutrition to the human body, among which the amount of anthocyanins is the highest, so manual human health.

Too many friends found that 90% of the fish bought from the market were frozen, but they wanted to eat it, and at this time they would be tangled.

So the question is, can salmon be eaten raw if it is frozen? Is it harmful?

Salmon can be eaten raw when frozen.

Salmon is a kind of food that needs to be eaten raw after being frozen. Salmon is harvested at sea, then processed and then quickly frozen and then transported to various places for sale. It can still be eaten raw when eating.

So frozen salmon can still be eaten raw.

Why do salmon need to be frozen before eating salmon? It is a kind of marine fish. It may parasitize anisakis larvae. If humans consume the third stage larvae of anisakis, the anisakis will be in the human body, and it is easy for larvae to travel through the body, Damage to various organs, leading to serious diseases, and even cause allergies.

The low-temperature quick-freezing can inactivate and inactivate parasites in salmon, so there is no parasitic infection after salmon is frozen.

Fresh salmon is generally recommended raw.

Salmon may have parasites, and even the living environment of salmon is better, and parasites may also be present. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat fresh salmon.

Fresh salmon is recommended for consumption.

Salmon is rich in nutrients and contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. It is not recommended for long-term cooking and eating, which will reduce the nutritional value of salmon, but parasitic infection may occur in raw food. Therefore, fresh salmon is best to be fried. CookingTime is short and there are no problems with parasites.