Stocking husband loves home more

Stocking husband loves home more

Being a smart woman who can be assured, confident, and willing, it is difficult for her husband who has been stocked to love her home.

  As soon as it is time to get off work, the female colleagues call their husbands to check the work.

  Sister Li opened the door and saw the mountain: “Lao Shen, have you been off work yet and aren’t coming back for dinner?”

“Eiko is the gentlest:” My husband, come and pick me up from work.


Have an appointment with your buddies to go home later?

“Hezhen really shouted:” Don’t look for a figure after work, please hurry me home, otherwise I will . “Before she shouted, her mobile phone reminded clearly-the user you called is busy, pleaseTry again later.

  It seems that the women in the marriage are fighting for wisdom on how to get her husband home early.

  At this time, my cell phone rang. My husband said that he had already bought the vegetables and arrived home, and asked me if the fish was steamed or stewed, whether the dishes were hot-fried or cold?

  The female colleague’s eyes shot at me like a searchlight: “How did you train your husband to be a resident man?

Hurry up!

I said in a word: “Sisters, the husband in stocking loves home more!”

“To be honest, I used to get all kinds of excuses for my husband to” hide “outside, and I was very angry when I didn’t finish talking after drinking and determined to go home.

Angry, not cooking for him, noisy . All kinds of “wife-in-law” have been staged in turns, but my husband stayed at home honestly for three days, and the old “trace” is reproduced, and the cure is easy and the problem is difficult!

  I couldn’t bear it, I wrote a post on my blog called “Falling in Love with a Man Who Wouldn’t Go Home”.

Unexpectedly, there were many commenters.

In addition to arguing that men treat their homes as “inns” like me, they repeat themselves as readers who pay too much for this family.

  A message attracted me: “I inadvertently visited your blog. After reading this article, I want to ask you a question: why he couldn’t rush away when he was in love. Why didn’t he love going home after marriage

Apart from external factors, are there any internal factor nuisances that have been ignored?

“That made my heart move.

  That night, when my husband entered the door, I didn’t catch up with him to say gossip, and checked the salary bonus.

After dinner, I did n’t order my husband to wash the dishes or grab a computer with him, but my husband rarely accompanied me to watch a TV series.

  The next night, my husband’s cell phone rang all the time, and he murmured after answering the phone.

“I said nothing to push him out of the door:” Go, go, I rarely stay alone.

“My husband’s eyes almost rolled out:” You’re not going to test me, wait for me to come back and calculate after the fall.

“I poked at his forehead with a finger:” I won’t open the door to you if you dare to come back tonight tonight!

“As a result, my husband came back at 22 o’clock, and the door was naturally unlocked. He was holding a bunch of litchi which I loved most.

It ‘s a matter of atonement for meritorious deeds, and it ‘s worth paying for it. After that, my husband always went home early, and took the initiative to contract groceries, give me a cup of rose tea, rub a fork or something, and the initiative was unprecedented.

  After tasting the sweetness, I officially changed my husband from “nanny captivity” to “hands-free worry-free stocking”.

The benefits of stocking are immediate, and her husband, who is a fisher, is inspired by this free, loose, and independent space to be grateful and self-disciplined, and his responsibility and dependence on home is more profound.

  When I voted for my wife, my husband was crazy about shopping with my girlfriends, and was even unwilling to do housework. Not only can I dedicate my wallet and clean up, but also play the role of a “five good husband” during a close visit.
  After seeing the release of the old man into my family’s basic principles, my husband was afraid to confess. The blog message that attracted me to review was his masterpiece!

I gritted my teeth, punished him not to issue a card, put on the small plaid skirt of Shenyang, and sang “Wife, I Love You” a hundred times.

  One day, I really asked me a little bit uneasily: “If that guy would be reluctant to do anything?

“I laugh:” It’s easy to handle. Let’s hurry up to cultivate our own hardware and software so that the eyes of men outside will follow us. Keeping her husband loves home more than anyone.

“Releasing the old man, also recuperating himself, and being a smart woman who can rest assured, confident and willing, it is difficult for her husband to be homeless!