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[Can pregnant women eat sage?

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In fact, sagebrush is also called Qingmingcao. It is a very common plant. Sagebrush itself is not poisonous. At the same time, it may make delicious food and has high medicinal value. Sagebrush can be made.It has become a variety of crickets. During the Qingming Festival, rat song grass is very popular. Pregnant women can eat rat song grass, but it is best not to eat more. The method of making rat song grass is also very good.

Can Qingming Cao pregnant women eat it? Qingming Cao can be eaten, and it is often used as Qingming fruit.

Qingming fruit is made of Qingming grass and a certain amount of glutinous rice flour. Rice flour is added with sugar water and kneaded into pastries or processed into skins. It is packed with sesame, sweet-scented osmanthose and red bean paste, and steamed into a round mold.Add diced bacon, diced bamboo shoots, diced mushrooms, diced red pepper, dried tofu, pickled vegetables, bean sprouts, etc., and put dumplings in the shape of salty and clear fruits.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat, there is no impact on the fetus, eat with confidence.

How do pregnant women of Qingmingcao eat 1, squeeze out the excess water, and the usual method is to wash the Qingmingcao and boil it in boiling water (you can remove the bitterness and astringency, it is said that the authentic method is to use straw to burn to ash,After filtering, boil the clear grass with water, so that the cooked clear grass can be easily mashed. In order to maintain the original flavor, I am not simmering here (because the brown sugar is added, it will naturally neutralize the natural bitterness).

2. Take out the cleaned clear grass directly and squeeze out the water, then chop (preferably mashed into velvet).

3. Prepare brown sugar. About 350 grams of brown sugar are cut and crushed with a kitchen knife and crushed into a pot for later use.

4. Mix and mix glutinous rice flour.

Pour 5 kg (3 kg) and chopped qingming grass into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and mix well, knead the dough.

5. Cook on the steamer. After the bottom water of the pot is boiled, turn on the steamer. Put on a white cloth for sterilization and sterilization. Introduce the good ingredients into the steamer and steam for 30 minutes on high heat!

6. Coat the inner wall of a cleaned stainless steel basin with salad oil or clear (rapeseed) oil (preferably cold oil cooked in advance, so that there is no smell of raw oil).

Then get a clean beer or wine bottle, and oil it on the outside!

First and foremost is to prevent excessive adhesion when stirring.

Put the steamed grass mash into the pot, and use the wine bottle for about ten minutes, until the mash squeezes into a tender, tender, and then cool.

7. Absorb the oil evenly on the inner wall of a magnet plate. After the maggots are cooled down, they will be about 100?
150 g round balls, put them on the plate!

At this time, the ravioli is actually edible, but the taste is not the best. After cooling, you can put in a variety of gourmet snacks according to different conventions for all gourmets to enjoy. Once you have the food, you will surely be happy!!

8. Frying ravioli in a pan is the most common method. Not only does it make you feel crispy and crispy on the surface, but it also has a tough and clear grassy scent inside, just like returning to natural embrace!!

Qingming grass is suitable for the general population to eat Qingming vegetables.

Patients with chronic bronchitis, wheezing, cough, ulcer, hypertension, peptic ulcer, rheumatic pain, etc. can eat more Qingming dishes.

1. Blood pressure-lowering Qingming dishes contain special substances that can expand local blood vessels, which may be effective in treating non-infectious ulcers and hypertension.

2, cough, phlegm and clear dishes also have the functions of clearing the lungs and removing dampness, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.