Holidays, sex life should be avoided too much


Holidays, sex life should be avoided too much

It is true that life is full of indulgence, but it needs to be reminded that only a moderate sex life can make couples enjoy a wonderful moment.

A data recently announced by experts from Taiwan: On average, every week in Taiwan’s obstetrics and gynaecology clinics, two women were found to have massive internal bleeding due to lower abdominal pain, and even more than 2000 ml of bleeding.

Under the inquiry, these women are almost all of the severe abdominal pain that occurs after sexual activity.

銆€銆€Experts estimate that the cause is likely to be due to excessive sexual activity and rupture of ovarian cysts.

The doctor said that if you do not immediately laparoscopic surgery to stop bleeding, it is very likely to cause shock.

According to statistics, patients are usually concentrated in 20?
40-year-old sexually active female, and most likely to occur in consecutive holidays.

銆€銆€It is not difficult to cause these complications. These women with lower abdominal pain and a large amount of internal bleeding are associated with excessive violent sexual behavior and rupture of ovarian cysts.

In the clinic, it is found that intense sexual life is completely a crime of female vulva, vaginal and uterine damage. Quebec is also the culprit of male glans and foreskin injury, and even the male penis is broken, which is too numerous to mention.

銆€銆€Intense sexual life can also induce abnormal erection of men’s penis.

Conversely, an abnormal erection of the penis is not a manifestation of hypersexuality.

Excessive sexual life, relieve the symptoms of persistent congestion of the penis, clinically manifested as penile swelling, pain is unbearable, development continues to turn into blood stasis, increased viscosity, venous blood flow difficulties, and even the formation of thrombosis and local masses.

If the condition is not treated in time, the invaded blood vessels will be occluded and fibrotic. In the end, permanent penile erection is often incompetent and normal sexual life cannot be performed.

銆€銆€The phenomenon of male penile fracture caused by intense sexual life has also occurred occasionally.

This is because: after the penis is fully erected, if it is subjected to a violent impact, it will break, just like the bone is broken. Therefore, some people have broken the penis into a “penis fracture”, which is overwhelming the white film outside the corpus cavernosum.A special case of rupture is one of the emergencies of the male department and requires urgent treatment.

銆€銆€Penile fractures often occur in violent sexual intercourse, and there are hidden dangers in the sexual life of young and violent people. Even in the bumpy car, there are reports of penile fractures in sexual intercourse.

In addition, it may also be caused by the wife’s violent “abuse” on her husband’s penis, such as the woman’s excessive distortion of her body in her sexual life.

銆€銆€Experts remind: On the National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, advocating passion for men and women in sexual life, must learn to master the size and control their emotions, so as not to let too much indulgence of passion to bring miserable results to sex.