Theories and methods of traditional Chinese medicine health and longevity


Theories and methods of traditional Chinese medicine health and longevity

The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” gathers the principles of the pre-Qin philosophers, and explores health and longevity from a medical perspective, creating many health theories and methods.

銆€銆€The view of nature is “the combination of heaven and man.”

The human body must conform to the laws of nature in order to maintain normal life activities.

“In the case of disasters, it is a disaster.

“According to the four o’clock, the method of adopting spring health, summer raising, autumn raising, winter raising, and raising spring in spring and summer, and nourishing the yin in autumn and winter, that is, the way of nature, raising nature, and achieving the overall unity of man and nature.
A variety of climates to eat a variety of foods to adapt to the season and do some exercise, so that the body better adapt to external changes, thereby reducing the incidence of disease.

銆€銆€Proof of the view that “the saints have not been cured, they have not been cured, and they have been treated without disorder.

The disease has become a cure for the disease, and the chaos has become a cure. For example, it is not too late to wear a well.

“Proposed the prevention thought of the first disease prevention.

“The evil spirit thief wind, avoiding it sometimes; faint nothingness, sincere qi; from the spirit, the disease is always!

“External avoidance of six kinky evils, internal and mental stimulation, emotional changes, to achieve the first disease prevention.

You can also eat some health supplements, which can enhance your immunity and prevent evil.

銆€銆€The view of the will “will, the soul, the warmth, and the angry.”

“Play the role of human will combined with the characteristics of the season, and adjust the spiritual will.”

“Spring March, this is to send Chen to make Zhisheng”; “Summer March, this is said to be a show, so that there is no anger”; “Autumn March, this is Rong Ping, Zhi Zhining”;In the month, this is meant to be closed, so that it is so confusing.”

In a word, the spiritual will of the person, the spring should be comfortable, the summer should be full, the autumn should be stable, and the winter should be hidden, so as to keep “nothing, nothing, no anger, instinct, spiritual integrity, no souls,Repentance can not afford, five hidden infinite evil.”

銆€銆€The view of the essence of “the endless cravings, and the sorrows are not limited, the essence is slack and bad, the glory has been removed, so God goes to it, and the disease does not heal.”
鈥?”The rise and fall of the essence determines the growth and aging process of the human body, and it is also the source of the body’s resistance to disease.

Therefore, the health care must be careful room, full of God.

銆€銆€”The energy can be static, and the solution is longevity.

“Propose the form of God and raise.

According to different time, the shape is adjusted.

In the spring, “the night is getting up early, and the steps are wide in the court”; in the summer, “the night is getting up early, and you don’t get bored with the day”; in the autumn, “the morning is getting up early, and the chicken is happy”; in the winter, “the morning and the evening are up, you must wait for the daylight.”

銆€銆€Diet therapy is a food for the people.

Advocate “the diet has a festival” to maintain the source of the spleen and stomach.

For example, 鈥渢he diet is self-doubling, the spleen and stomach are injured鈥? and the injury is insufficient, and it is easy to be sick.

At the same time, swear to the people, carefully reconcile the five flavors, avoid taboo.

“Poisonous drugs attack evil, the grain is raised, five fruits are help, five animals are beneficial, and five dishes are full.”

The scent is combined to supplement the essence.

“It is the reason and the five flavors, the bones are soft and sturdy, the blood is flowing, and the sorrow is dense.”

If it is, then the bones are refined, and the law is like the law.

“Diet can be prevented or aided in the treatment of disease.”

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