Several arts of joking in the workplace

Several arts of joking in the workplace

Don’t make fun of your boss. You must remember this sentence: The boss is always the boss. Don’t expect to be friends with him in the job.

Even if you were classmates or good friends before, don’t pretend to be joking with your boss in the past, especially in the presence of others, you should pay special attention to it.

  Don’t use your colleagues’ shortcomings or shortcomings as a target for joking. No one is perfect.

Don’t make fun of colleagues’ shortcomings or inadequacies.

You think you are very familiar with the other person, and make fun of the other person ‘s shortcomings, but these jokes are easy for the other person to think that you are ridiculous. If the other person is a more sensitive person, you will offend him with an inadvertent word, and ruin twoFriendship between individuals or straining colleagues.

And you must keep in mind that once you tell this joke, you can’t take it back or explain it seriously.

At that time, it’s too late to regret it.

  Don’t make excessive jokes with colleagues of the opposite sex Sometimes, joking in the office can adjust the atmosphere of intense work, and jokes between the opposite sex can also make people get closer.

But keep in mind that jokes between the opposite sex should not be excessive, especially if you cannot tell yellow jokes in front of the opposite sex. This will lower your personality and make the opposite sex think your mind is unhealthy.

  Mo Ban joked to the highest level of humor, often the master of humor does not laugh on his own, but can tease you back and forth.

However, in life, we are not masters of humor, it is difficult to do this-one point, then you don’t have to face the joke with others, so as to avoid potential misunderstanding.

  Don’t always joke with your colleagues. You need to master the scale. Don’t just joke.

After such a long time, it will be enough to face the heavy crops in front of colleagues, and the colleagues will not respect you; will you be mature enough, not practical enough, and the leader can no longer trust you and can not trust youHeavy task.

At first it was really worth it.

  Don’t think that making fun of others is a joke. Making fun of others is a disrespect to others, and you will think that you are malicious.

It is also difficult to explain after the fact.

It is definitely not in the realm of joke, and you can’t just arbitrarily talk about it.

The lighter will hurt the relationship between you and your colleagues, the more serious will endanger your job.

Remember the phrase “stay together”, don’t blame it out of your mouth, otherwise you will regret it too late!