[6 months baby food supplement kiwi]_Children_Diet

[6 months baby food supplement kiwi]_Children_Diet

Kiwi is a kind of fruit. It is also called kiwi fruit. It has both nutritional value and medicinal value. The flesh inside is green and rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Six-month-old babies will always drink breast milk to supplement their nutrition, and at the same time eat some complementary foods, and kiwi complementary foods are the best choice. Kiwis are soft in thickness and sweet and sour, and they will definitely like them very much.

The specific method is recommended to everyone in detail below.

First, kiwi is not only a fruit with a very high nutrient value, but also has a higher medical value, which can prevent and cure a variety of human diseases.

However, kiwi eating is sophisticated, and you ca n’t eat it randomly. Now let ‘s talk about the health and well-being of kiwi eating.

Kiwi fruit must be cooked before consumption.

The immature kiwi fruit is sour and astringent, and it contains a small amount of protease, which will break down the tongue and oral mucosa proteins and cause discomfort.

The best edible form: After ripening, kiwi quietly hits the kiwi with the belly of your finger. If you feel that it is no longer strong, there is a slight deformation in the place of replacement, but it is not very soft, which is the best edible form.

Cut it open and dig it with a spoon, just sour and sweet.

Optimum consumption: 1-2 is the amount that can be fully absorbed by the body.

Best edible starch: Do not eat on an empty stomach. It is more suitable to eat 1-3 hours before and after meals. It contains a large number of proteases to help digestion.

The best way to eat: peel and eat directly; also add an appropriate amount of water to the kiwi juice, boil sugar, diced banana, and diced apple, boil it together and mix with water and starch to eat.

Although kiwi is nutrient-rich, vitamin C content can be high.

For a 6-month baby, this time the baby eats lightly, because something too acidic will stimulate the baby’s saliva secretion, and the baby now has a poor swallowing ability, is prone to drooling, and has eczema. It is best to be over seven monthsAdd it again.

The efficacy and role of kiwi fruit1. It is the best choice to reduce cholesterol by eating its skin.

The fiber contained in kiwifruit is agglomerated with pectin, especially the part where the skin and pulp touch.

Pectin lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disease.

2. Promote digestion The dietary fiber contained in it can reduce plasma, and can help digestion, prevent constipation, and remove harmful metabolites in the body.

3. Hypolipidemia inhibits the deposition of hypertension on the inner walls of arteries, leading to arteriosclerosis, which can improve myocardial function and cardiovascular.

4, anti-cancer and tumor suppression often eat barbecue food can increase the incidence of cancer, because barbecue food under the belly will undergo a nitrification reaction in the body, producing carcinogens.

And the vitamin C of kiwi as an antioxidant can effectively inhibit this nitrification reaction and prevent cancer.

5. Kiwifruit is also a nourishing and strong product. The nutrients in it can obviously improve the body’s activity, promote metabolism, coordinate the body’s functions, replace carcinogens, strengthen the body, and delay aging.

Kiwi is sour and sweet and delicious. At the same time, the health effect of kiwi is also very strong, so you can eat more of this fruit, because it is about women who love beauty., So you must eat more daily to better promote physical health.