Caring for the elderly to keep them away from mental illness


Caring for the elderly to keep them away from mental illness

After the retirement of the elderly, there is no very substantial work arrangement. Suddenly, there are no good recreational activities. Some elderly people are not accompanied by them. These various reasons may lead to psychological illness in the elderly. Today weIt is said that it will lead to the cause of mental illness in the elderly.

銆€銆€First, mental wounds Most of the elderly will retire after the age of 60. After retirement, there will be more time, and there will naturally be more things to think about.

And when people are old, they will naturally be accompanied by old and sick, and various unavoidable accidents, such as their husbands, old friends, old age, health and worse.

Trauma has an important impact on the quality of life, health and the efficacy of the disease. Some older people are therefore unable to extricate themselves from suffering and grief. Over time, they will be detrimental to health.

銆€銆€Second, when aging and disease are old, there will be a series of physiological and psychological degenerative changes, and physical strength and memory will gradually decline.

This normal aging change makes the elderly feel incompetent and brings some physical discomfort and pain.

Especially the elderly, even worried that “death is coming” and arbitrarily seeking medical drugs.

If you add disease to the foundation of aging, some of them will have sorrow, trouble, and fear.

銆€銆€Third, the environment changes with the age of the elderly, the ability to resist some of the pressure will also be weakened, in this state, the living environment around them has undergone a very big change, many elderly people are veryDifficult to accept and adapt, will lead to worse and worse body.

銆€銆€There is a saying that is good, old and young, the older the younger.

The old man is like this. The older you need, the more you need to care. Just like a child, you are stubborn and stubborn.

Therefore, we must have sufficient patience when caring for the elderly, just like when our parents treat themselves as a child.

銆€銆€These easily caused causes of mental illness in the elderly are some simple summaries of experts. I hope that after seeing the children, they can better accompany the elderly, understand the psychological needs of the elderly, and give the elderly a happier life.