[Drinking strong tea dizziness]_ strong tea _ head dizzy _ what happened

[Drinking strong tea dizziness]_ strong tea _ head dizzy _ what happened

Most people will feel dizzy after drinking strong tea, but can’t find the specific reason. This is actually caused by the strong tea itself. Drinking too much strong tea itself will cause a burden on one’s cardiovascular system.For a long period of time, certain cardiovascular diseases will naturally occur, and drinking too much strong tea will hurt your tail, reducing your gastric juice concentration and causing indigestion.

Drinking a lot of strong tea will hurt the stomach and the strong tea will replenish the gastric juice, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, make the gastric juice unable to digest food normally, which will cause indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Poor stomach function may even cause duodenal ulcer.

Increased cardiovascular and renal burdens may cause symptoms such as palpitation, chest tightness, frequent urination, urgency, and dizziness.

Because the caffeine in strong tea can make the human heart beat faster, which will increase blood pressure; and a longer heart and kidney burden.

Old people who drink strong tea for a long time are prone to fracture. That is, strong tea will greatly increase the possibility of fractures in the elderly.

Specific research results show that people who drink 5 cups of strong tea a day have a 70% higher risk of pelvic fractures than those who drink light tea or no tea, and even reach 80% or more.

In other words, as the concentration of tea drinking in the elderly increases, so does the possibility of fractures.

Induced Cerebral Nervousness Before lunch break, the habit of drinking strong tea before sleep can cause insomnia and affect sleep quality. Tea contains caffeine to excite nerves. Over time, it can cause cerebral neurasthenia.

It is easy to produce constipation because the implanted acid in tea can combine with the protein in the food to produce a blocky, metabolic acid protein that is not easy to digest and absorb, which causes constipation.

If not corrected in time, it will even increase the risk of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the body.

Drinking strong tea after drinking is even worse. Some people mistakenly believe that drinking strong tea after drinking too much can hang up.

This is not the case. Alcohol and strong tea both stimulate the heart. Adding strong tea after drinking increases the burden on the heart and cardiovascular.

If the heart function is poor or even high blood pressure, the consequences can be unimaginable.

Therefore, drinking strong tea after drinking not only can not hang up, but is harmful to the body.

It may cause the precipitation of acid in iron-deficiency anemia tea to combine with iron, which will cause obstacles and affect the body’s absorption of iron.

In short, tea is the best health drink for men, women and children.

Plus the unique charm of tea, avoid strong tea, choose light tea.